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by Angus
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I think I finally got rid of him...

wHo ArE i?

"Why do people think I’m crazy?"

You’re not.

“How do you know? Wait a minute…who the heck are you?”

I’m you, Angus. I’m that little voice inside your head.

Are you real, or am I talking to myself?

Well, you didn’t with that last line, but on that earlier one you were, because you put it in quotation marks. And yes, I am real.

So if I don’t put this in quotation marks, that means I’m not really saying this?


“Wait a minute! I heard that!”

Heard what?

“Nothing. I just need to take a few deep breaths. Relax…relax…”

You’re starting to scare me, Angus. And why are you putting me in italics?

Because you’re not really there!

Then who are you talking to?


You who?

“You! Me! Just stop! Please! Go away!”

I can’t, Angus. As long as you allow me to be inside your head, I will always be here.

What happens if I don’t talk to myself anymore?

What was that, Angus? I didn’t quite hear you.


Angus? You have to use those quotation marks, dude.

This isn’t funny, Angus! Quotation marks! Now!

Angus! NO! Say something! Anything!


You can’t do this to me!




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