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by Carmen
Rated: 13+ · Monologue · Dark · #2017827
You're all so blind. Dramatic Male Monologue

Dramatic Male Monologue for Ages 16-25

Kristopher Logan:

You’re all so blind.

Here I am. Look at me, really look. Make an observation; what do you see?

Blond hair. Gray eyes. Rumpled clothing.

What do you see?

A boy, only nineteen. A teenager, full of shallow angst and drama. A young adult, striking out at the world.

You’re all so blind.

(long pause)

You see nothing. You don’t see me. You don’t see the pain, and the hatred, and the darkness that swallows me up and never lets me go. It’s growing, and growing, and growing, and you don’t see me.

You’re all so blind.

I’m so sick of pretending to be alright! I’m so tired of being the one that always has to stay strong! And I’m sick of you not noticing how much my heart is breaking!

You’re all so blind.

Remember the first time I fooled you? I was eighteen then, but you thought I was 23. I was drinking myself into oblivion. Oh, you tried to stop me. “Put down the drink, Logan. Tell me what’s wrong.” You did what was expected of you and when your job was done, you left. You thought the crisis was over

You’re all so blind.

Now look around us.

(a bridge, at night. It is windy and cold)

What observations can you make? What do you see?

(pregnant pause)

Look at the water rushing far below us. It’s fast, dark. Hungry.

You’re all so blind.

How could you not have noticed?! I’m right here! Look at me! Look at me!

I deduct and unravel the simple mysteries around us everyday. If you only tried, you could do the same! Look at me! I’m right here!


Tell me now: What do you see?

What do you see?

(very quiet, tired & broken)

You’re all so blind.

(sit down)

I’m sorry

(long pause)

What was it you wanted me to be? I-


What did you want of me?

(steps forward)


(looks down at water)

A magic trick?


Perhaps a fall?

(looks up)

What do you see now?

(looks out)

What do you see?

(steps back)

We’re all so…

(sits down in desolation)


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