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Moon captures the song of sweethearts
                             "A Song in the Moon"

         love's lunar light,
         sends splendor into the night.
         Sweethearts slow dance beneath her.
         They romance to a brand new love tune,
         born and sent to the soul of Sister Moon.

Reunited old spirits walk heaven's meadow on a midnight stroll.
Arm in loving arm, step by slow step, where they would behold
the reminiscing of young romantic memories past.
Never before had they once believed their love wouldn't last.

Hesitations, chaotic disruptions, and cruel interruptions
may cause separate life-roads leading to nixed expectations.
For whatever the reason couples in love may be set apart,
a mystic Universe had first created a plan for the saddened heart.

A beloved never ceases to whisper endearment to lonely ears
down through the ages of distance, longing, and endless tears.
Long ago star-crossed lovers had embarked on a starlit pathway;
messages sent to Moon, and lyrics return with a loving say.

         sings her lunar delight
         upon young and old lovers in the night.
         As they dance in wonder that lies beneath her,
         magical notes are born to a new romantic tune.
         A sweetheart song is in the soul of Sister Moon.

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