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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2018161
The knight finds the Diamond Taco
The story chapter 19

The knight was floating in a sea of nothing. There was no visible anything, or any invisible anything, except the knight of course. He had no body, only mind. He could go anywhere unimpeded, but there was nothing. He thought pf nothing, but he thought. But a sudden urge came in him. An urge for tacos.

“How long has it been since I ate a taco?” Thought the knight. “Too long, in any case. Where can I get me one? A could use a nice taco stand right about now."

Since most of the systems memory was broken, it “forgot” not to let anyone control what to make, so it let him create easily. The result of this was that the computer made the taco stand for him.

The knight went over to the stand immediately and asked the person who came with the taco stand: “Hello! May I have a taco?” The man did not respond. The knight said louder: “Hello there! Can you hear me? I want to buy a taco!” The man did not respond, but the knight saw he was breathing so he yelled: “MAY I BUY A TACO FROM YOU?”
The man scrated his nose but made no reply. The knight got really angry and yelled at the top of his lungs: “ME WANT TACO, YOU HAVE TACO.”.

The man still did nothing to respond. The knight got really irritated. He waved his arm infront of the person, but he noticed that he had no arms. He checked and found he had no legs either. Nor body for that matter. Not even a head (this was harder to check). The knight reliazed he didn't feel anything. He thought about making his body. It appeared, but he was not in him. He tried to go in, but it didn't work. He wanted to go in it. Then suddenly, he was in it and he collapsed out of surprise. He stood up. He told the taco vendor: “One taco please!”

The vendor responded (to the knights delight that he heard and understood.) “A taco huh? What kind dya want?”

The knight got an idea and said: “Got any, oh I don't know, Diamond tacos?”

“Well they dont call me taco ted for nuttin! One diamond taco comin right up mister. Oh and, by teh way, I suggest you prepare yourself. This taco is good it blasts you to another dimension.” The vendor said and he winked at the last word.

The knights virtual adrenaline pumped. The vendor gave him the taco.
The knight took it in his hands, and he nearly dropped it, it was so heavy. He slowly lifted it to his mouth, slowly because it was so heavy. As it nearly reached his mouth something happened. He heard explosions, and he nearly let go of the taco in surprise. The taco vendor yelled: “Just eat it! I'll protect you!” And he pulled out a tiny machine resembling a screwdriver, and pointed it at the direction of the explosions. The knight lifted it up again and another explosion off his feet. It would've ben too late, but he managed to take a bit of the taco as fell.

The knight felt like electrica salsa. He felt sick. He whispered: “Now is this the real life or is this just fantasy?” As he forced himself to open his eyes expecting to see anything that resembled reality, but what he found was on the far end of fantasy.

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