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Writer's Cramp Entry for 11/12/14
Kaitlin shivered as the icy wind cut through her woolen cloak and the leather of her breeches and jerkin. She hunched down into the thick cloth wrap trying to warm her ears. Thinking of the cozy fire she knew would be burning in the hearth upon her return, she hurried along the avenue not heeding her path. A jolt brought her back to the present.

"My pardon, sir" she mumbled mechanically as she tried to side-step the cane with which the old man struck at her. The sudden pain in her shoulder almost caused her to drop the parcel she had been sent to the marketplace to fetch.

She had almost run into an officer! She had better watch where she was going or she would find herself in even more trouble than she was already in.

Kaitlin had no idea how the training master had found out about the prank Dani had talked her into helping with a few weeks past. She wished she had never listened to the little minx. The last time she had let Dani talk her into going along with a prank, she had almost lost her position in the company. She was sure the commander would not look favorably on her after this last bit of mischief. It was all Dani's fault! That girl was too charming for her own good. And Kaitlin fell for her silver tongue every time. Well, that would change this night, she promised herself.

As soon as she delivered the wheel of stinky cheese to Dani.

Word count: 259
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