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Attitude and Endurance. Speaker uses references from both Technology and Community.

I wanted to talk a little bit here about “Dedication”. To some, this word has many meanings, to others, simply one meaning. It is something I have learned of a ‘Power word’, you use it, when you need to emphasize power. I’m not even sure if most people know this, that a writer not only has the ability to implant thoughts, into your head. Writers are able to manipulate those thoughts. Later on as they see fit.

Dedication however, is not something learned, or taught. Maybe the best colleges will tell you otherwise, I don’t know. Dedication comes from a desire deep within you, to want to see a prognosis effectively and efficiently reach its proposed outcome. This desired effect upon a multitude of given circumstances, is what requires levels of participation, regarded only as “Dedication”.

Because I am a Newly Published Author, I have this desire built up within me, to perform at a certain level of ‘perfection’. Granted, we are all told at some point or another in our lives, “it doesn’t have to be perfect”. “We’re not all perfect”. As most people, I too have been known to make a good blunder or two in my own time. I’ve learned valuable lessons from them, and moved on.

Keeping things rolling forward or backward in this next description, I have an inherent love to build communities. I started sometime prior to 1999 on the internet. It was the coolest feeling ever, meeting someone online and asking “hey, do you like music?” “Why yes I do” they would say, followed by the best locations to download said music. The internet has been a lot of fun for many of us. It has been a silent killer too, but I don’t have time to cover that here tonight.

Keeping in focus here, while remaining ‘dedicated’ to my tasks at hand, I will say that there are no ‘levels of dedication’. Something is either dedicated or it is not. A person is either dedicated or they are not. There is no middle ground. I mentioned persons, I don’t mean interpersonal relationships. I do mean a person is dedicated to a task at hand, or isn’t. But the former is usually a good sign.

Tonight, I dedicated myself to this project, it serves a dual propose. For one, it forces me to write, being an author, I find some excuses not to write that turn into mini vacations from writing. When I find myself not writing, because “these new chapters will be ready soon”, that is when I break out my writing assignments. Part one, accomplished, Write on!

Part Two:
You may not know this, but I am new to writing. I know how to read and write, that actually makes me lucky, if you don’t think so. Be grateful you weren’t born where the running water can kill you, if the thieves who stole your bowl of wheat didn’t get you first. There are very scary parts of the world, still today. I’ll discuss that in another topic for another project. I do have many projects, and as of late. I have become constrained by time. It’s as though, I have found something to share with you, the world, it makes things better.

This world, we live in. I suppose I should leave that alone for now, I have much research, data, info…. We could debate our lives away. Back to “part two”, there was another point I was making in here. What is dedication to you? Does ‘dedication’ affect anything in your daily life? I don’t mean the ‘CSR’s that are “dedicated to helping you.

I will use two examples to wrap up my points. The first being the technical choice, I am technically savvy. Let’s talk about a computer system. Now your home computer, or laptop, (most other devices only become smaller and lose any ability to run dedicated applications, programs or perform specific functions). So your home computer it is, let’s say for convenience and not security. You want to watch movies on your home computer, or connect to your favorite online game, maybe file share. The possibilities are as great as the desires created.

At the end of the night, you most likely shut down your home computer. Well the movie host, who streams your favorite shows, never shuts down. You can turn your home computer back on, ten minutes later and start watching the next episode of your series, or the new comedy flick. Because those computers (known as Dedicated Servers) almost never shut down. The only time a Dedicated Server is shut down, is for maintenance on the physical machine. Maybe it needed to be cleaned, or the DVD Drive failed. These “Boxes” as they are affectionately known, experience virtually no down time.

Dedicated Servers are one of an elite system designed to bring you, the consumer. The best possible experience, for your time spent with any given company. Lastly, when it comes to company. This is how I view the members in the various communities I create. Once a Community is born, before you can have any company. You can invite ‘guests’, many people with similar ideas, thoughts, and skills begin to ‘stick’ together and talk about their trades. Today, we can talk about skills that just 50 years ago, if you needed to know how to install a small point of solder, into the new “payphone” in the booth outside….

The technology changes, the ways to modify the technology change as much or more, I get carried away sometimes. I have a New Community Concept; it is called Like Minded Folks. Or ‘LMF’ as I hope to make it its household name. This community will be one of my best personal challenges of my time here. I have other projects, this one is in fact a gift, to a few friends and a planet of good people, who could benefit from a community, that is trusted, helpful and is run by Dedicated people, who only want to see, that we are better. Share Wisely.
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