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For a wonderful man.

Full of potentials, you glow in your box
Holding the power to build or destroy.
You could undo me and leave me to rot,
Could be my acme, my lover, my joy.

Perhaps you will teach me the language of love,
Without that fade that they always see through
And though when you tell me I'm pretty I'll laugh...
In truth I'm replete if I'm pretty to you.

Maybe I'll trust you with secrets apart,
Give you the keys to the red padlocked book..
Maybe I'll trust you with my wary heart;
Strip myself naked, allow you to look

But what if I lay myself bare, and you yield?
And every terrible fear is confirmed
Innately unlovable, flaws unconcealed
Defences all broken, and bridges all burned

In the corner my core is there, wrapped in brown paper
Weapons of heartbreak, or basis for bliss
If you never rip it, I'll never be broken
If you never rip it, I'll never be fixed.

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