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When eternal life means eternal pain...

         The woman in chains kept on screaming.
         She has been going on for centuries.
         Her wounds heal almost instantly. Her organs never fail to function no matter what is done to them. Her body regrows itself when amputated. Even her hair grows back instantly when cut. Most importantly, her throat never goes raw from screaming.
         It is interesting to note that her body still feels pain. One would think that such an inhuman being would be impervious to it. It is truly a shame that her mind isn't as resilient as her body. One would never be able to know the extent of her knowledge. Had she human emotion? Were here thoughts the same as human thoughts?
         Alas, it is impossible to know. Once she might have been an intelligent being. Once she might have been an incredible mind. But not now. Not ever. For now she is reduced to this screaming excuse of an animal. All reason has left her. She has no mind. She is now just an animal consumed by pain. Consumed by suffering.
         An animal infinitely more beautiful than any human being. A goddess, one might say.
         I cleansed the bloody knife in a bowl of water. I used it to pierce the skin of her bare chest. I took her heart out for the hundredth time. She screamed but didn't die. She never died. I watched as the hole in her chest mended itself, somehow creating a new heart to replace the one I took. I watched as the beating heart in my hands vanished. I brushed her long golden hair out of her face and took out her left eye. Once again, her body mended itself.
         How can you study such a body? How can you understand that which you can't even break?
         Oh, but I have broken her. Just not her body.
         You see, I tried everything just to study her. The only important thing I found out was that she will never reproduce with a human. It will take someone like her. She responds to stimulus, alright, but her cells just aren't the same.
         It is impossible to understand her. I know that now. The time has come to put an end to this.
         I closed the lights of the laboratory. I closed the ventilation. I didn't take anything. Nothing from this place will ever be needed. I closed the door and left the woman in the dark.
         The woman in chains kept on screaming.
         She will be throughout the centuries.

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