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Rated: GC · Short Story · Erotica · #2018812
Lucifer opens Lilith's eyes. A snippet from "Trouble in Paradise".
Lucifer found Lilith in the center of the garden sobbing beneath the tree of knowledge. He folded his wings, and sat beside her. She turned and rested her head on his shoulder, and continued to cry. He ran his fingers through her long, dark, silky hair, occasionally grazing the smooth dark flesh of her shoulder. She looked up at him through teary eyes.

“I hate him,” Lilith choked.

“You do not,” Lucifer pulled her close. He hated Adam for many reasons, but Lilith could not hate. She did not know what hate was. “Neither you nor Adam have the ability to hate.”

“Then why do we fight so much?” Lilith demanded. “We seem to be fighting ever since we took our first breaths. I want to name an animal something, and he disagrees. He will not let me make any decisions.”

“I know,” Lucifer pulled her against him. “It is the way he is made.”

“What should I do?” Lilith looked up at him.

“You should let him have his way,” Lucifer stated. He smiled when she narrowed her eyes in disapproval. “Alright, that is not an option. If you want his respect you must prove that you are superior to him.”

“How do I do that?” Lilith inquired.

“Allow me to open your eyes.”

Lucifer pressed his mouth to Lilith’s. As their tongues entwined he unfolded his wings, wrapped them around her, and pulled her into his lap. Lilith pulled her mouth away from his when she felt something hot and hard stroke between her thighs.

“We cannot,” she gasped. “My mate…”

“… is nowhere near,” Lucifer assured her.

He attempted to distract her with soft kisses on her neck, and hands cupping her breasts. His thumbs circle her soft, tender, pink nipples, which tightened at his touch. He lowered his head, and sucked one of the tender buds of flesh into his mouth. She gasped audibly when his warm wet tongue circled the plump tip.

“Je-ho-vah,” she gasped as she wriggled against him.

“Cannot see us.”

Lilith seemed to be comforted by that thought. She gave herself over to his pleasurable torment, and released in his lap. He groaned when he felt the wet puddle cover his glands. He lifted her so that she was poised just over the tip of his erection. Lilith visibly tensed anticipating the pain that penetration would bring. A cry of pleasure and surprise escaped her lips when the pillar of flesh slid smoothly into her clenching wet folds. She moved on him with purpose as he continued to pleasure her. He muffled her exclamations of pleasure with his mouth as she tightened around him. Her eyes opened as he released inside her, and she saw him for the first time.

His dark hair and eyes were a beautiful sight. The golden feathers of his wings enticed her to touch. She reached out and stroked the smooth down feathers that would make a goose jealous. It was then that she noticed a difference in the color of his wing tips.

“What is it?” Lucifer asked when he saw the concern in her eyes.

“Your wing tips are black,” Lilith stated.

Lucifer looked at the obsidian feathers, and smiled. If the color of his wings changing was his punishment he was certainly happy to have it. He folded his wings as he rolled onto his side. Lilith lay beside him staring at his beautiful face. She reached up and caressed his cheek, ears, lips, nose, chin, and forehead.

“You are so beautiful,” she breathed. “Why would you want such a plain creature like me?”

Word Count: 868
“Is that what Adam tells you?” Lucifer asked. “That you are plain?”

“He does not tell me anything,” Lilith snapped. “He mates with me, and then leaves me.”

“He is young,” Lucifer parroted Jehovah’s words. “He will learn.”

“We are the same age,” Lilith argued. “He knows I am unhappy, and he does not care.”

“You know you are unhappy,” Lucifer corrected. “He is still blind to unhappiness.”

“How do I show him?” Lilith asked.

“The tree,” Lucifer told her. “One bite of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, and he will know how unhappy you are.”

“He will not disobey Jehovah,” Lilith mumbled. “Not for me.”

“So, trick him,” Lucifer suggested. “Give him the fruit, but do not tell him where it came from.”

“You want me to deceive my mate?” Lilith inquired.

“You are already deceiving him,” Lucifer pulled her against him, “every time you are with me. Do you think of me when you are with him?”

“Yes,” Lilith felt him stiffen against her stomach. “I miss you when you are gone.”

“I miss you too.”

Lucifer positioned them so that she was on her hands and knees, and he knelt behind her. He straightened on his knees, and slid inside her. His wings spread forming curtains on either side of them. He watched as the blackness spread over the inside of his feathers as he moved inside her. His hands cupped her breasts, and he bore down on her as she clenched around him. She cried out as his hot release filled her.
© Copyright 2014 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2018812