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by DeSoto
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This is a story that me and a friend did together with characters from warrior cats.
Scourge was walking through the forest Tigerstar decide to go on a patrol by himself he scented a rouge nearby "strange.." he growled and followed the scent. Scourge heard a sound "who's there" he thought Tigerstar hid in the bushes and saw Scourge "well that's great'' he grinned and stalked him. Scourge walked long keeping alert for anything Tigerstar finally caught up with him and pinned scourge down "what are you doing on Shadowclan territory?" he growled. Scourge struggled "what's it to you"
he mewed. Tigerstar hissed and Scourge hissed back kicking Tigerstar off he got into an attack position. Tigerstar growled and flung himself at scourge with claws unsheathed
Scourge charged forward claws out Tigerstar slashed at his shoulder Scourge winced and scratched back at Tigerstar. Tigerstar fell on the ground and got up to pin down the smaller cat Scourge struggled. "Now I will get my revenge'' he hissed then smiled
scourge still struggled trying to free himself. "Go into a hunting crouch" Tigerstar growled and got off of Scourge. Scourge got to his paws ''now!'' tigerstar hissed and unsheathe his claws. Scourge hissed and charged the tabby Tigerstar growled as Scourge leaps at Tigerstar. Tigerstar growled as scourge pinned him down scourge struggles to keep him pined. Tigerstar kicks him off then pins him hissing Scourge struggles trying to break free but eventually gave up Tigerstar lets go of him "now go into a hunting crouch or I will kill you" he growled and stared at him Scourge got into a hunters crouch. Tigerstar looks at him Scourge waits trembling as Tigerstar gets on him and holds scourges scruff. Scourges feels his legs buckle as Tigerstar got on him "this might hurt" Tigerstar mewed Scourge trembled but hung his head defeated. Tigerstar held on to his scruff again. Scourge just stands their unable to escape Tigerstar began to thrust into Scourge. Scourge yelps as the bigger cat forced his way in Tigerstar held on to his scruff and continues thrusting into him. Scourge yelps but then begins to purr Tigerstar stopped and released warm sticky liquid
Scourge just purred then "please make me yours" he yowled. Tigerstar purred Scourge breaths heavily unsure what the clan cat will do next Tigerstar sat down "scourge suck my member" he mews and flicks his tail. Scourge wanted to refuse but found he couldn't so he walked over to tigerstar and began to suck. Tigerstar moaned and pushed scourges head down. Scourge purrs and sucks harder fitting the full thing in his mouth. Tigerstar moaned louder Scourge keeps sucking and uses his tongue to lick Tigerstars balls. Tigerstar moaned "Scourge I'm going to c-cum" he yowled Scourge kept sucking harder and faster Tigerstar released warm liquid into scourges mouth Scourge drinks it all and purrs. Tigerstar gets up and looks at Scourge who stands their covered in Tigerstars warm fluid. Tigerstar purrs as scourge looks up "now may I say you are able to go on my territory whenever" he mewed to the Bloodclan leader. Scourge bows his head then slowly walks away. Tigerstar watches him and goes back to his clan smiling and purring.
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