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Can truth be known?

    Lee Harvey Oswald got married and had a job.
    His widow remarried a friend of Oswald.
    His friend was a communist supporter of Castro.
    Perhaps, this is not a coincidence ?

    Jack Ruby shot Oswald dead.
    Jack Ruby owned a bar in Dallas that was a hangout for
    KKK Texas Scowlers. .. The Scowlers were syndicat members
    of the Masonic Order of Illuminati.
    Jack Ruby hatted John Kennedy's civil rights agenda.
    Why would he kill J.F.K's assassin?

    Robert Kennedy was assassinated by a Saudi national.
    His passport was approved by the CIA.
    Both Kennedy brothers were opposed to the Vietnam War.
    Is there a coincidence here?

    The uprising against the Syrian dictator received weapons
    from Iran and .. the CIA.
    ISIS grew out of Muslim extremism financed by Iran and the CIA.
    17 oil companies recently signed an agreement in London:
    by acting cooperatively the companies will be able to maximize
    delivery flow and decrease the time required to get oil ashore in volume.
    Is it too cynical to speculate that the removal of minor dictators in the
    Middle East would give these oil corporation quicker access to the total oil
    volume through one dictatorship?

    Am I psychotic?

    I am a creature of my environment.

    I am Vertago.




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