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Mister Gray calls the Gas company.
It then fell on the Gas company one Fall day
to repair a gas leak at the home of a Gray.
(Mister Gray chose Montana, outside of North Butte
  and detected the leak because he was astute.)

O the urgency at which the leak did demand
caused Sir Gray to call Big Sky Butane and command
that they tend to the gas leaking with all due haste
because Gray was averse to such profligate waste.

Thus he spoke with alacrity in squeaky tone
(holding tight to his cordless black UFO phone)
to Big Sky’s representative, Betty Adair:
“Come at once, fix the leak, there is gas everywhere!”

Betty grinned while assuaging Sir Gray best she could;
(as for worrying alien, she understood.)
So she promised a crew would arrive very soon
in a window described between nine-ten and noon.

Gray tapped suction-cupped fingers on table extant
and woo-wooed like a foghorn--a basic Gray rant.
All caught up in the drama of morning’s outflow,
Gray remembered his counseling--try to let go.

Ah ‘tis easier said than ‘tis done, Gray did muse
as the leaking gas kindled his alien fuse
and his almond black eyes struck a serious pose
while the effusing butane pervaded his nose.

Sir Gray paced o’er the carpet on arch-less wee feet
until he saw Big Sky’s repair truck in the street.
As the crew entered smartly through jalousie door,
Gray displayed bundled nerves all a-quiver once more.

Mister Gray saw a blowtorch among basic gear;
it was then that he felt a sharp influx of fear.
So he waited outside till Butane’s crew was done
and to ease his distress he woo-wooed at the sun.

32 Lines (Anapestic Tetrameter)
Writer’s Cramp

--Gas company

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