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a duet based on how I feel about a friend of mine. I hope you like it!
light (Duet)

every day she puts on a happy face,
nobody knows the pain she's trying to replace.
she might look happy or maybe just alone,
but the pain she has, others have sewn.

she doesn't want to continue
she no longer knows what to do!

but every time she sees me
her world is a little more steady.
every time I tell her I'm there
she feels a little more ready.
I give her the strength to fight...
I am her light.

every day he's working through all the stress,
trying despretly to forget about the rest.
but there's only so much a person can take,
before they crumble and break.

the stress is overwhelming for him,
and now his world is looking so grim!

but every time he sees me
his world starts to balance.
every time we spend a while together
he feels like he has talents.
I make his world so bright...
I am his light.

every time we connect
our worlds get stronger.
every day, any night
we can go on longer.
our worlds revolve around each other
even though we're miles away.
I know they are there for me
because I still see them every day!

every time they see me
our worlds get closer yet.
every time we talk to each other
it's something we can't forget.
now we will stand and fight...
because we're each others light

oh, we try with all our might...
to be each others light.
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