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Rated: GC · Short Story · Erotica · #2019155
A soldier and a lady steal moments of pleasure in between her father's war campaigns.
Leanna giggled as Gregory nuzzled her neck, and blew softly in her ear. They were not able to be together often due to Gregory’s life as a soldier. He served the Lord of the realm. Whenever the lord decided to march a campaign across the land Gregory had no choice, but to fall in line. The only time he was able to spend with Leanna was between marches. That time was rare and always too short. This night would be the last night they would spend together for a good long while. Gregory suckled the soft skin on Leanna’s neck as his hands slid up her curvy sides and cupped her massive breasts. He dispensed with her corset and gown as soon as he entered her bed chamber. She lay beneath him naked and ready for him. She gasped as his thumbs caressed the tips of her breasts causing her large pink nipples to tighten.

“Oh, Gregory,” she breathed in his ear. “I will miss you so much while you are gone.”

“I will miss you too my sweet.” Gregory trailed kisses down do the swells of her breasts. “I must say the lord of the realm produces quite lovely children.”

“Gregory!” Leanna looked away as he sucked a plump pink nipple into his mouth. She moaned softly as he slowly licked over the soft flesh. “I am the youngest of my siblings.”

“I know.” Gregory licked his way across her smooth flesh until he reached the tip of her other breast. “You are the loveliest of them. I intend to request your hand in marriage from your father.”

“He will never agree,” Leanna protested. She wriggled as he teased the other nipple with his lips, tongue, and teeth. “You are one of his best soldiers. He will never let you leave his army, and we are not permitted to marry soldiers.”

“You just let me worry about that.” Gregory trailed kisses down her belly to the soft wet folds between her thighs. She willingly spread for him when he pushed between her legs. His breath became heavy as he stared at the pink wet flesh before him. “I have missed you so much, Leanna.”

Leanna moaned his name as he licked over her sensitive flesh. She lifted her legs, and rested them on his shoulders. He cupped her firm ass and lifted her to his mouth. His lips formed a seal over her opening, and his tongue slid deep within her. She arched her back and cried out as the suction of his mouth allowed for deeper penetration of his tongue. He hummed in appreciation of her taste as he drank down the warm nector that flowed from the forbidden fruit. The vibration of his hums sent Leanna over the edge, and she thrashed as more warm juice flowed into his mouth. When she fell still he crawled over her and slid his long hard shaft inside her warm wet center. She stretched to accommodate his girth, and allowed him in to his root.

“A perfect fit,” he sighed. He sat up on his knees, and cupped her breasts. He gazed into her widening green eyes as he slowly pumped his hips. “You feel so wonderful, Leanna; so warm, wet, and deep.”

“You are so big and hard,” Leanna gasped as he stroked her inside and out. “I want you to release inside me.”

“You could become pregnant with my child,” Gregory warned. “If I were to die your child would be fatherless.”

“You will not die,” Leanna stared up into his dark blue eyes. “Please, Gregory, leave me with a child in you likeness, so that I can see you even when you are not here.”

“As you wish my sweet.”

Gregory continued his even thrust inside her. He slid his hands down her smooth body, and gripped her thighs. She lifted her legs to give him deeper penetration. He thrust hard as her walls tightened around him. He positioned her so that his hard thick shaft stroked over the most sensitive spot inside her. She cried out as the orgasm over took her. Her wet flexing muscle massaged him over the edge. He turned her on her side, and pumped into her until his hot release filled her, and trickled down her thighs. He laid her on her back before pulling out, and a warm mixture of juices and semen trickled from her opening, and puddled on her bed.

“Shame on you, Gregory,” Leanna chided as he lay beside her. She rolled onto her side to face him, and laid her head on his broad chest. “You made a sticky mess.”

“Would you like me to clean it up my lady?” Gregory asked. Before she could answer he moved down to her sex, and lapped up the wet layer that cover her folds. As he licked her his cock stiffened for round two. “I hope you did not plan on getting much sleep tonight.”

“Not as long as you are awake,” Leanna promised.

This time he took her from behind, working every pleasure spot he could reach until she screamed in ecstasy. He released in her once more.

Word Count: 867
© Copyright 2014 Gineva Navazio (jlh1982 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2019155