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by Carl
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Jarryd is heading to the city to have some fun but stops and a town first
Jarryd had now left what was left of his school and was heading towards, Sydney, the nearest city. On the way he would step on cars and would knock down the occasional building. He would make sure that when he crushed people that they would first suffer from the scent that his foot gave off. He left is undies at the school, so with each step his huge cock would slap his muscular thighs.

As Jarryd was walking he spotted a large crowd running from him. He stomped over to them grabbed the crowd. The people screamed as they saw the large digits wrap around them and lift them to the giant's handsome face.
"Now what to do with you guys."
"Please don't hurt us Mr Giant" said a little girl in Jarryd's hand.
"Well aren't you brave. I've got a perfect place for you."
Jarryd then picked the girl out from the crowd and lowered her towards his ass. He then shoved the girl into his asswhole and tensed, causing her to be crushed by the walls of Jarryd's anus. He then farted out her remains and laughed.

Jarryd started to pick out people from the crowd and eat them alive. He would play with them in his mouth and even chew some of them up. He then grabbed his cock and started to shove the people into his penis. They would fall down his shaft, tickling the walls along the way and then would land in a huge pool of Jarryd's hot cum. He did this until nobody was left in his hand. Jarryd then fondled his balls, enjoying the feeling of having people suffering in his privates.

Jarryd was now feeling dominant and needed to boss around some people so he searched for another group of people so he could have some fun. He found 2 groups of people, one small and the other large. He caught up to the two groups and sat on the smaller group. Their tiny bodies instantly popping under the immense weight of the muscular giant's firm ass. Jarryd wrapped his legs around the other crowd and shoved some of them underneath his balls. They had to deal with the hot skin, dripping sweat and the horrible smell coming from it.
"You guys, start licking."
The people instantly obeyed and they all licked underneath Jarryd's balls.

Jarryd then picked up and group of people and put them in his armpits. They stuck there like glue, as the giant's sweaty skin was too sticky for them not to come loose.
"You fuckwits start licking as well."
Of course they listened and did what Jarryd told them to do.
He then poked his feet out at a crowd further away and just pointed at his foot. They all knew what he wanted and started to worship his giant foot.
"This is so fucking awesome, I'm particularly unstoppable."
Jarryd then got people to either eat, shove up is ass or in his cock.

After a while, Jarryd got so horny that he needed to release. He grabbed all the people worshipping him and started to masturbate with them in his hand. They would instantly turn into lube for Jarryd's pleasure. Their pasty forms serving the giant's horniness. After nobody was left Jarryd got up and started stomping on anything that was nearby him. His cock was dripping pre cum with flooded the streets and even drowned some people. He found a building that was a lot larger than the rest. It was filled with people inside. Jarryd walked over to the building and started to penetrate it with his dick. He would spear innocent people, crushing them instantly or suck them inside him to be released soon later. Jarryd destroyed the building by thrusting into it but he wasn't done yet. He started to spear crowds on the ground, crushing them with the immense force of his penis.

Jarryd was ready to explode. He aimed his cock at a pre school that had heaps of little kids in there. He loomed over it, letting his sweat drop onto the kids, soaking them with his fluids.
Jarryd then fired his seed at the pre school, destroying it in an instant from one glob of cum. He then tuned around and fired it every direction, letting his cum bomb the town. He did this for 5 minutes before finally stopping. He collapsed onto the pre school and was panting a lot.
"That was so good."
He then grabbed a cum soaked crowd from the ground and shoved them in his mouth. He enjoyed the taste of his cum and the bodies of the now human snacks. He swallowed them whole and got more cum soaked crowds to eat.

After he emptied the town, Jarryd got up and continued his journey to Sydney. He was really close so he took his time crushing cars, and destroying people.
He finally arrived at the borders of Sydney. Everyone in the city looked up at the teenage god and screamed.
"This is going to be so fucking fun."

To be continued

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