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Nuebert explores his world in the rain

Word Count: 676

Nuebert’s Adventure

Flying through the trees and feeling the first drops on his feathers is always the most pleasurable feeling. Landing on a branch he perched and waited to see how this new scenery will play out. Drip…drip…drop. Drip…drip…drop. Looking around and wondering how much water is going to fall from the Sky God which I always give thanks for the plentiful bounty which is placed before me.

Taking a deep breath with my wings spread out he looks up at the sky and says his prayer to the Sky God, “Dear Sky God please keep me safe and free from harm. Not like what happened last time when the lightning struck my beak and I couldn’t eat worms for a week. I feel I have been good and have been willing to help you in any way you require. Thank you for your blessing of the bountiful water, I love a good bath. If there is anything I can do to please you more please give me a sign. Your loving servant, Nuebert.”

Hopping on his perch he looks up at the sky and thinks to himself that the Cloud God is very creative today with the clouds changing to that dirty dark colour. He takes off from his perch and glides across the sky flying towards the clouds to get a closer look. This is when the rain pours down so hard it almost knocked him out of the air. Nuebert says to himself, “This better not be a repeat of one snow season ago where the wind knock me down. I was slammed against a rock and was stuck there for three sun days before I was able to fly again.” Thinking back trying to remember a water celebration where something did not happen. He could not think of one and hoped he had favour this time with the Gods.

A lightning bolt came down followed by a burst of lightning throwing Nuebert off from his goal of reaching the cloud. Looking at his right wing which lost some feathers and mumbled, “Why does the lightning God find it in him to strike down on me? I am just little Nuebert who has never hurt anyone. What can I do Lightning God to change your favour of me? Was the sacrifice of giving you some of my feathers enough for you or do you demand more?”

Neubert looked up at the sky intently for a sign. A sign came in the form of large hard balls and one landed on his face. Crushed about his worthiness with the Gods, Nuebert starts to dodge these strange hard circles of death. Finding a branch on another tree to land on and get some shelter till the circles of death have finished spreading their wrath. Throwing his head up in the air he yells as loud as he can, “Dear Lightning God, this is Nuebert calling to you. What do I have to do to get your favour again? Please, give me a sign of what you would like from me. Thank you from Nuebert.”

Finally the circles of death stopping falling and the rain continued to pour. Nuebert saw the most wonderful sight; a bathing area. So excited Nuebert started flying towards the water area. After he landed by the water he says, “Thank you Lightning God for finding favour in me. I thought I was doomed. Thank you Sky God for making this bathing pool for me. This is a wonderful gift. This is so much nicer than when the Sky God was so angry and threw a fire ball at me. It destroyed my tree and burned all the feathers off of my tail. Thank you for not taking your wrath out on me this time.”

Nuebert jumped into the water and had the best bath ever. He will always remember the kindness of the Gods and never forget to always please them. When they are angry bad things always happen and he is happiest when he is in favour of the Gods.

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