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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2019625
Batfic,Dick/Tim.What happens when spy meets Robin?Questions,heart ache,and something else.
Hey it's me again and I disided to do some thing different so I wrote this and it might be kinda out there, but I've always loved Batfic so here is my story of pain, heart ache, and love. The pairing is Dick and Tim.

  Some back round: Alternate universe where Dick is a spy and Tim is the real son of Bruce. Dick is 18, Tim is 17. Dick was never robin, Tim is working with Batman and Dick was assigned to find out who Batman was through Tim.

      One day before Richard...
    "Tim, can you help me in here!" Bruce shouted over the communicators from the main part of the Batcave.  "Yes, coming!" Tim yelled back to him from the trophy room. 'Wow, I don't think my life could get any better than it is now, my dad is rich,  I'm the heir to the Wayne billions, my dad is Batman, and I've been helping him take down dangerous criminals since I was ten. I see no possible way anything could go wrong for me.' Tim thought as he walked through the complex series of passages and rooms to the main cave. "I hope this never changes." Tim said to himself.

Secret spy base... Richard's POV
    "You know your mission." a voice said from somewhere in the darkness of the interrogation room. "Yes." I said back calmly, knowing I was being tested. "What is it?" the voice questioned. "My mission is to infiltrate Tim's home, make him trust me, and then get him to tell me who The Batman is so we can take him out." I recited evenly. The lights flickered on. "Very good Agent Grayson, I trust you will do well in your mission." the head of the organization spoke with an imposing manner, as he walked across the room to the door. When he reached it he turned to face me. "I will not let the agency down." I looked straight in his eyes, the cold green eyes of Ra's al ghul. "I hope not Agent or bad things will befall you and your family." He escorted me out to the plane and I was off for Gotham city.

Now, Airport, Tim's POV
    "So Dad what do you know about him? Who is he? Where is he from? What does he do? Who is his family?" I questioned eager to know more about the boy that will be staying in our home for the next few months. "His name is Richard. His father and I have been good friends for awhile and he asked if I could watch him as he'll be out of the country for a few months. So I agreed to take him while his father is away." he said as if watching this new boy would be easy when you spend your nights jumping from the roof tops of Gotham. 'Why did he chose now to go completely insane?' I thought as we watched the plane land.

Normal POV
    "I really don't care how long you've known his dad you don't know him. He could..." Tim trailed off as he saw Richard step off the plane and on to the run way. 'Wow, he looks good, really good... not at all how I expected him to. Wait what did I just think?' Tim thought as Richard walked up to them and held out his hand, "Hello Bruce its a pleasure to finally meet the man my father speaks so highly of," he shook Bruce's hand before turning to Tim, "And you must be Tim." Tim looked at his outstretched hand for a moment before he shook it. When they touched Richard could feel Tim's unease, but he on the other hand felt a warm feeling which he quickly shook off, 'He is my mission. I can not let my feelings get in the way, because I can't let it hurt to hurt him.' Richard had known for a long time that he was gay, but no one out side his family knew. "So Dick how long will you be staying with us?" Bruce asked. "I'm not sure, at least until my dad gets back." Dick said, he glanced back at Tim and looked him up and down from his sleek black hair, very similar to his own, his bright green eyes a nice contrast to his deep blue ones, and his well muscled body about three inches shorter than his own. 'He looks good, but he's most likely taken anyway. The handsome rich son of billionaire Bruce Wayne, no way he's single.' Dick thought jealously. "So are we going to stand here all day or are we going home?" Tim asked. "Oh right, let me call Alfred so he can bring the car around." Bruce said as he stepped away to make the call.

Tim's POV
    "So Dick, you ever ride in a limo?" I asked him. "No. Why?" He stepped closer to me, I felt compelled to move away, but I didn't. I don't know way. "Because that's how we're getting home." I pointed at the limousine pulling up. He barely even glanced at it before his eyes were back on me. We walked over and I could feel his gaze burning into me. His eyes never left longer than a few seconds to search his surroundings, like he thought someone was going to attack any second. 'I don't trust him I'm going to figure out what he's really up to.' I thought. We all stepped into the limo and Dick sat particularly close to me. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable, but I felt like I wanted to move closer to him. 'What am I thinking? What is wrong with me today?' I thought. The drive was only twenty minutes, but it felt like an eternity with Richard's leg pressed against mine. As soon as we stopped I flew out of the car and ran as fast as I could to my room. 'What is happening to me?' I thought desperately.

Richard's POV
    I slowly walked through the manner looking at all the priceless paintings and jewelry that lined the walls here. 'So he is single, maybe... What am I thinking? I can't fall for him that would jeopardise the mission.' I mentally kicked myself for momentarily thinking we could be something. 'I must remain strong. I must find out who The Batman is and report to the agency.'

That night at dinner. Normal POV
    "So Dick what do you think of the manner?" Bruce asked. "I quite like it really,  it must be amazing to live here." Richard said. They ate the rest of the meal in silence. "Bruce, where is my room?" Dick asked after dinner was over. "Tim I told you to show Dick his room when we got back." Bruce scolded. "Sorry, I forgot." Tim stated defensively. "Well if it's such a bother to show Dick his room then he can just stay with you in yours. If its okay with you Dick?" "Yes that's fine." Dick said a bit more enthusiastically than he wanted to. "What?! That is totally unfair we have fifteen extra bedrooms why does he have to stay in my room? I don't know him I don't want him sleeping any were near me!" Tim yelled angrily. Tim glanced at Richard out of the corner of his eye. He saw hurt flash in his eyes and he suddenly felt guilty for yelling. "I'm sorry, I don't know what I was thinking. Come on Dick I'll show you my room." He motioned for Dick to follow.

Richard's POV
    'Why did I let it hurt when he said he didn't want me to stay with him? Why did I let it show that I was hurt? Uhg! I'm jeopardizing the mission.' I thought. 'Remember the mission.' Tim spoke up, "I really am sorry for yelling, I didn't mean what I said." I felt that warmth again. "It's fine, I understand." I said calmly. He stopped in front of two large oak doors. "Here we are, my room, the second largest bedroom in the house." He said as he pushed open the doors.

Tim's P.O.V.
    "Wow, this is your room?" Dick asked in aw. "Yes, yes it is. Cool right? Huge flat screen plasma TV, tons of video games, a mini fridge, and a private bathroom with a hot tube. Yeah it might be second in size, but it's first when it comes to awesome." I said as I showed him my room. "Cool, but where will I sleep?" He asked. "Well I have no shortage on bed space." I said pointing to my huge king sized bed. 'Why does the thought of him sleeping next to me make me feel weird? What is going on in my head?' I thought. I saw worry flash in his eyes, but his expression didn't change. "Where can I put my stuff?" He asked. "I have an empty dresser you can use." I pointed to it. "I'll let you unpack then maybe we could do something." I said before I left the room. I walked down the hall to the main room, Dick came in a minute later. "So, what are we gonna do?" He asked. "Do you like swimming?"

One month later...Richard's POV
    'Wow, I can't believe how close me and Tim have become. He's really come around I think. I don't like that most of the things I tell him about myself are lies, but the mission is the most important thing to remember. I think that now we have become close enough for me to ask him about The Batman.' I think as I walk to our shared room. 'I'll have a report by the end of the week. All is good, but I can't help but think how terribly upset Tim would be if he found out I was responsible for the death of Batman. He would hate me.' "Hey Dick where have you been you said you'd be back in a minute a hour ago." Tim whined as he went to lay on the bed, I sat down next to him. "Sorry I was just thinking about how cool The Batman is. Not to mention his partner Robin." He smiled and pride shown clearly in his eyes. 'He isn't even hiding it.' I thought. "Well if you ask me Robin is the most important part of the Batman's crusade. I can't tell you how many times Robin has had save Batman's butt in a fight." Worry flashed in his eyes, "I saw on the news a lot of course I've never seen them personally." He said quickly and sat up. "I know what you meant, but what do you think it would be like to work with Batman?" I asked him. 'I cast the line,' "Awesome, definitely awesome." He said. 'And he's hooked.' I thought. "Have you ever wished you were Robin?" I said as every thing fell into place. "No, because I---" He abruptly cut himself off. "Never mind, I don't remember." He quickly covered up his mistake. 'But he doesn't know that I already know. Uhg, why does he have to be so cute when he's worried? I wish I could tell him the truth so then maybe I could make him fall for me.'

Tim's POV
    'I wish I could tell him the truth, that I am Robin. That would make my life so much simpler. I hate lying to him, but if he knew every thing would come undone.' I thought. "So, video games?" He said. "Yeah, sure. What should we play?" I asked him. "Um, I don't know. Any thing you want to." He said starring at me intently. "Maybe we should get some snacks." I said wanting to move away from his eyes. "Okay, I'll meet you in the kitchen." He said just as I left the room.

Richard's POV
    'So if I was Robin then I would have a secret entrance and exit. I have to find it.' I walk into Bruce's study. 'I don't think Tim would have put a secret entrance in here, but the grandfather clock looks suspicious and I want to check it out.' I shook and jerked the clock until the glass came open then I did the most logical thing: I pulled the hour weight. The clock slid to reveal a door. "Woah." I whispered as I walked down the dark stone steps. 'I feel like I'm betraying Tim, but the mission is more important than how I feel.' I found a switch and turned it to the "on" position. The lights slowly flickered then came on, lighting up row after row of customs, cars, and old battle trophies. I felt my heart break. "Oh no. Why did he have to be Bruce?"
End of ch. 1
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