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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2019626
Batfic,Dick/Tim.What happens when Tim finds out Dick is a spy?Questions,heart ache,passion
Well I finished writing might as well post it all right?

The lights flickered then slowly came on lighting up row after row of customs, cars, and old battle trophies. I felt my heart brake. "Oh no. Why did he have to be Bruce?"

Richard's POV
    'I have to report now, even if I don't want to hurt him, I have to, the mission.' I thought as I walked back up the stairs and returned to the room, Tim was still gone so I called the Agency. "Hello would you like to make an appointment?" A friendly voice asked. "Yes, Friday at 15:19." I said, code for: I'm of the agency. "Would you like the special treatment?" She asked, code for: What do you need? "Yes, the hard treatment." I said in return, code for: I must speak to my commanding agent. "Your name?" "Agent Richard Grayson." I stated clearly. "Rank?" "Alpha 1A Miner." I said proud of my high level ranking. "Right away agent Grayson." I was on hold for a minute, but then I heard Ra's al ghul's voice. "Yes agent? I suspect you have learned of something or you would not call."

Normal POV
    "Yes I have I have learned the identity of Batman." He said just as Tim walked in the room. Tim dropped everything he had been holding causing a loud crash making Dick jump dropping the phone and pressing the end button in the process. "You what!" Tim shouted. "Tim calm down it's not what you think." Dick said trying to keep the other boy from yelling again. 'Oh no. This is bad I shouldn't of called here, so why do I feel so relieved?' Tim started to back away then he turned and ran, but he underestimated Dick's speed so, he quickly caught up and over powered him, pinning him to the floor and covering Tim's mouth with his hand to keep him from screaming. "Tim we are going to do this the easy way, where you don't scream and I don't need to nock you out. Okay?" He said calmly. 'I need to scream, I need to get help, I need to call for Bruce. Why am I not struggling? Why do I feel so compelled to hear him out?' Tim thought as he lay pinned with his back to the floor and Dick holding his hands above his head. Tim nodded. "Okay, I'm going to let you up and we're going to go back to your room and I'll explain, okay?" Dick said remaining calm. Tim nodded again. Richard slowly got off of Tim and helped him up. 'Now I scream, now I run, now I get Bruce.' Tim thought, but he didn't scream or run or get Bruce, he just walked back to his room with Dick.

Tim's POV
    "Okay," I sat on my bed knowing I kept a baterang under my pillow, "explain." I said getting to the point. "Well for starters I'm not who you think I am." He said. "Yeah I know that, I know you were never really my friend," "That's not true!" Dick said, but I continued as if he said nothing. "and I know that you know who Batman is. I'm guessing you intern know I'm Robin?" I asked. "Yes I've always known that." He said. He looked defeated like he gave up and his eyes looked terribly guilty. The look didn't fit him, it didn't look right on him. "Why don't you start at the beginning." I said. "Yes, I think that would be best." He said hesitantly then continued. "My training started at the age of three, like all good spies. I learned quickly and by the age of seven I could hold my own in a fight against fifteen other people five times my size. Ra's al ghul saw this and took me from my normal classes and put me in the advanced class. When I was fifteen I was as good as any seasoned spy, so Ra's al ghul took me as his apprentice. Two months ago Ra's told me about a mission that many others had failed he said that only I could succeed in finding out who The Batman was. So I trained harder, I learned all I could about you, your family, and Batman. So a month later I was tested I passed and was sent to find The Batman..." he trailed off, a distant look in his eyes, but then he snapped out of that and looked directly into my eyes. "But that was before I met you, before I saw your beautiful eyes." 'What did he just say?' "Before I ever knew how hard it was not to fall for the boy that would lead me to Batman so my agency could kill him." 'Where is he going with this?' "Now I can stop this, stop them from killing your father." He said and I think he truly meant it. "I just need a chance to fix this." He was looking directly into my eyes, his own eyes pleading for a chance to right his wrongs. "Why should I trust you?"

Richard's POV
    "Because I was wrong, not wrong to fall for my mission, wrong for thinking the mission was the most important thing. I was wrong when I didn't trust my mind and heart telling me not to call. I was wrong, but if you give me a chance I will fix this, please just let me fix this." I pleaded. "Okay how are we going to fix this mess?" He asked. "That's where things get complicated." I said my gaze falling from his eyes and going to the floor. "Complicated how?" Tim asked me a questioning look on his face. "Complicated like if we mess up we would have the cold, dark, bloody wrath of the agency fall onto us and everyone we care for." I shivered at the thought. "How are we gonna do this?" He asked. "I got a few tricks up my sleeve, but..." I hesitated, "I can't do this without you, I need your trust. I need you to trust me or this wont work. I trust you, do you trust me?" I looked strait in to his eyes, his beautiful green eyes a jumble of emotions and I thought he was going to say no. "Yes," he said, "I trust you." My heart exploded with a burning love. 'I was so sure he would never trust me again.' I really wanted to kiss him, but I knew better that that. "So how are we gonna do this?" Tim asked again. "First we need a plan." I said and we got to work.

Normal POV.  Five hours later....
  "Lets go over the plan one more time, okay?" Tim asked Dick. "Okay. We set off at 10:00 tonight and we should arrive at the base by night fall tomorrow." Dick recited. "Then at 10:00 we strike." Tim said. "Yes, now outside the base there will be twenty guards inside and about fifty stand between us and Ra's al ghul. At midnight Ra's will leave his room and walk the grounds. At exactly 12:15 he will be right here." Dick said pointing to the map laying in front of them. "At that moment you will be on the roof and I will be waiting bellow, and once he's in position we jump him." Tim said. "Yes, and when Ra's is out of the equation the whole agency will fall. I will take leadership being Ra's al ghul's apprentice and disband the agency." Dick said. 'Then I'll be free to love you and make you love me.' He thought as he gazed into Tim's eyes, Tim stared back. 'Why do I feel this way about him?' Tim thought as he stood. "It's 9:00 we should start packing and suit up." Tim said as he held out a hand to Dick. "I agree, we'll get supplies, then get dressed and head out." Dick gestured to the door, "Lead the way." Tim lead the way down to the Batcave. They grabbed all the useful gadgets they could, then they went to the kitchen to pack some food. At 9:30 they returned to Tim's room to dress. Tim in he's tight Robin suit and Dick in his equally tight black spy's suit. Dick couldn't help starring at Tim in his tight suit roaming his body with his eyes, he just wanted to run his fingers through Tim's hair and kiss him and roam his hands over his body. He wanted to make him beg for him, make him scream his name. Make him want him, need him, love him just as much as he loved him. But he didn't, he averted his eyes and refocused on his new mission. Tim looked at Dick questioningly, 'I wish I knew what he was thinking, I wish I knew what this feeling was, and I wish that I could stop looking at Dick in that tight suit.' Tim closed his eyes for a second, but when he opened Dick was right in front of him, their body's so close they were almost touching, he was looking into his eyes. "Is something wrong?" Dick asked him. "No I'm fine." He said as he looked at the clock on his bed side stand. "It's 10:00 we need to go." Tim said. "Are the motorcycles parked out front?" Dick asked. "Yeah, lets go."
End of ch. 2
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