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by Haley
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Bad things can turn into good things, you just have to believe it. ( this essay is real! )
One Wish

         Disappointment, disbelief and fear filled my mind as I lie on my side,

sandwiched between the seat and the hot slick metal of the car. The weight of the car

pressed down on the lower half of my body with monster force. It did not hurt because my body

was numb. All I could feel was the car hood's mass stamping my body farther and farther

into the ground. My lungs felt pinched shut and air would neither enter nor escape them.

My mind was buzzing. What had just happened? In the distance on that cursed road, I

saw cars driving by completely unaware of what happened and how I felt. I tried to yell but

my voice was unheard. All I could do was wait. Wait for someone to help me or wait to


The third maddening buzz of my alarm woke me as I groggily slid out of bed to

the shower. It was the start of another routine morning, or so I thought. I took a shower,

quarreled with my sister over which clothes she should wear for that day and finished

getting myself ready. All of this took a little longer than usual, not a surprise, so we were

running late. We hopped into the interior of my sister Kelsie’s sleek navy blue Acura.

With music blasting, voices singing and talking, it was another typical ride to school

with my sister. Because of our late departure, Kelsie went fast, too fast. We started to

go through the country to get to my school. As Kelsie drove fast through the country,

without thought, we went rolling a 360 in the air. Then landed under a half of a white

Sedan car in a family’s driveway. Then in 12 seconds flames of fire arose out of the car.

I opened my eyes to see the cursed road in front of me but flames of fire rose out

of the car. I could feel the hot flames rising on the side of my body. I couldn't move and

couldn't understand why. It had happened so quickly. I lay there until my mind

comprehended what had happened. I was wedged between the hood of the car and the

seat that I was sitting on. Then I quickly looked at my sister. She was wedged too but the

worst thing was that an edge of a car was on top of our hood, so she was more stuck in the car

than I was. I could still feel the flames as if we were stuck inside a huge oven that looked

like wildfire. I just knew we were about to die.

I heard uneasy noises in the distance. I could only hear a whisper of it. It sounded

like fire truck sirens and then police sirens. My voice yelled for help as my heart beat

rapidly with fear and relief. I could feel nice cold water spraying on me as if some

firefighters were cooling down the car. Then I could see the flames going away. Thank

God, I thought. Then, for the first time I felt intense pain struck my lower half.

"Crawl out of there," someone yelled to me.

I pushed against the hood of the car with all my might but I couldn't

move. The pain was excruciating, nevertheless I could not feel the lower half

of my body. I felt paralyzed. Still struggling to move, I felt strong arms glide

around my shoulders and under my armpits. The person dug me out of the car.

“ OMG!!! its you!! Lucas!!!! I thought it was a police officer or something.

But you are really…,” he then stopped me. We then passingly kissed each other.

As I lie on the hospital bed that was in the ambulance Lucas comes over to sit by me.

Then I dreamily kissed him again.

“Thank you so much for saving my life, I could never forget you doing the

brave thing that you just did.”

“You’re welcome” he said.

Then he passingly kissed me one more time as I was trying to get ready to

go to the hospital. Then I thought how long have we been friends, and remembered,

we were best friends sinse the first day of kindergarten, when he tripped over a block

and one hit my forehead at play time and he said sorry. We became friends immediately

after that.

My sister and I were sent to Hillsboro hospital. My sister was all right. She had

stitches in her left cheek, head and elbow. I was relieved that she was not severely

injured. I don't know what I would have done if something extremely bad had happened

to her. I had a concussion and some burn marks that weren't that bad. I thought I didn't

get hurt that bad than my sister. I was sad she got hurt worse than I did. My sister and I

were in the hospital for one night.

I have now realized how precious life really is and that it can be taken away in a

single minute. One little mishap can result in extreme injury or even death. I am lucky

that my sister is all right and that we both lived. I will never forget when Lucas saved my

life! He is the one person that I trust most in my life and that I can tell him anything and

he won’t mind.
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