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Batfic,Dick/Tim.One mission can change your life,but for better or for worse?
Chapter three of my Batfic. It's the last one.

"It's 10:00 we need to go." Tim said. "Are the motorcycles parked out front?" Dick asked. "Yeah lets go."

The next day, 8:00...normal POV
  "Wow, we get here faster than planed, I didn't expect to get here until 9:30 so we now have two hours to eat and setup." Dick told Tim who yawned in response. "Cool, so while you do that I'll take a nap wake me up in about an hour, o-okay?" He yawned again falling asleep before Dick answered him. 'If you only knew what you did to me.' Dick thought as he looked at the now sleeping Tim sitting up against his bike.

One hour later...Dick's POV
  'Dang I'm already done with everything and Tim is still asleep. Now what will I do.' I thought as I looked around the small camp that will be our home until tomorrow, I could not think of anything else that needed done. I looked at the still sleeping Tim so calm and peaceful, 'Maybe I should wake him.' I thought, 'Or I could kiss him while he's asleep.' I walked over to him, but just as I knelt down he grabbed my arm, twisted it behind my back, and pinned me to the ground. "Who are you and why are you here?" "Tim it's okay, it's just me, Dick." I said calmly, 'This isn't the first time this has happened to me.' "Oh, sorry reflex." He said and let me go. "It's fine. But we still have about an hour to kill before we need to head out."

Tim's POV
  'Wow, that was a really weird dream.' I thought, thinking about the dream I had just awoken from, 'Dick had kissed me and I was the one who pulled him in. I wont lie my heart is racing from the thought of that. What is my head thinking? Ugh! I need to focus.' I ate and we went over the plan fifty more times. We made many small adjustments and patched a few holes until 9:50.

Normal POV
  "Okay is there anything you could possibly thing of that we are missing?" Dick asked Tim. "No, we already checked and double checked and triple checked everything." Tim reassured him. "Okay it's about a ten minuet walk from here to the base, so we should go now." Dick told Tim, seeing his eyes light up with the prospected of adventure. "Yeah come on." Tim said exited to get going. 'He is so cute when he is exited.' Dick thought.

Ten minuets later at the base... Dick's POV
  "Tim you take the left, I'll take the right." I said. "Roger." He said, just before he left I grabbed his arm, "Good luck." I said. "You too." Then he went left and I went right. 'I should of kissed him, what if something happens to one of us.' I thought.

Normal POV
  The fight didn't last long with both skilled fighters working in from both sides. They each did their fare share of flips, kicks, and hits. Every guard they could get their hands on went down. They had all the guards out in ten minuets. They had about five minuets to kill so they were telling each other better techniques and fighting styles. "You did pretty good against all those fighters." Dick praised Tim, glad that he was okay. "Well I had a good teacher." He said. "I know I've seen him fight." Dick said and it was true Bruce was a very good fighter. "Come on we need to get in then get out." He said leading the way into the building. "Ra's room is this way." Dick whispered. "Lead the way." Tim whispered in Dick's ear sending shivers down his spine, 'No, focus on the mission.' Dick thought. They took out guard after guard slowly working their way to Ra's room and the big fight that was waiting for them there. Ra's al ghul kept thirty guards outside his door at all times. It took longer that anticipated, but by twelve they were in position waiting for Ra's al ghul to come into position so they could take him out. "Here he comes." Tim whispered up to Dick.

Tim's POV
  I waited patiently for the right moment. Then I sprang pushing him into position. Then Dick jumped. His leap and flip were flawless, but the landing we shattered when Ra's moved at just the right moment. "Dick!" I shouted as I heard the thud of his hard off balance landing, he fell. I ran to him over come by a strange emotion I could not explain. "Dick are you okay?" I asked as I skidded to a stop on my knees and cradled him in my arms.

Normal POV
  "Tim I-" he never finished his sentence because Tim had kissed him. His eyes went wide, but he closed them as he kissed Tim back passionately. 'Oh my gosh! He's kissing me! He likes me back!' Dick thought. 'Love. The feeling I have for Dick that I couldn't place, it was love. I love him. I want to be with him. I never want him to leave me.' They broke the kiss because of their need for air. "Lets win this fight." Dick said. "Of course." Tim said helping Dick up. While Ra's al ghul had been standing there dumb founded as his prize student kissed this boy he had never seen. They took their fighting stances and prepared for the fight off their lives. "Agent Grayson what are you doing here and with Robin? Agent you are disobeying orders directly from me. Agent if you do not stop this and apprehend Robin you will face the consequences." Ra's threatened. "No, I'm done with this. I don't want to kill anymore. I don't want to help you kill Batman. I quit!" Dick shouted as he launched himself into the fight Tim fallowing close behind. Hitting and kicking and ducking, most are blocked, but a few land. Those are the ones count the most. The fight was long and hard and all were thoroughly beaten and battered, but two boys are left at the end. Dick and Tim. "I meant it when I said I didn't want to kill anymore. So what will we do with him?" Dick asked. "I'm sure the police could find something to do with him." Tim said.

Dick's POV.. the next day back at the manner
  "Tim! I've been worried sick about you! I can't believe you left without telling me you were going to take down a secret spy agency!" Bruce exclaimed. "Dad, I missed you too, but how did you know that?" Tim asked. "The cameras!" I shouted. "How could we forget that all the rooms manner have cameras!" Tim face palmed. "How did we forget that?" He mumbled. "Well dinner will be done soon so go clean up and get ready." Bruce said.

In Tim's room...
  'Just ask him now.' I thought. "Tim you kissed me yesterday when I fell from the roof, why?" I asked. "I kissed you because I love you and couldn't live without you and if you were seriously hurt or dying I couldn't live without one kiss, but its better your okay." Tim said as he gazed in to my eyes and I went over to him. "Yeah I'm glad I'm okay too, because if I were hurt or dead I couldn't do this." I grabbed his shirt and pulled him to me, hard, and kissed him. One hand in his hair and one around his waist roaming downward. "Dick." Tim panted when we broke the kiss. "What?" I asked. "I.. I.." he panted still trying to catch his breath. "What?" "I.. I want.." 'I hope he's about to say what I think he is.' I thought. "I want to be on top." He said shoving me onto his bed and getting on top of me. "What?!" I yelled my eyes going wide. He just laughed and kissed me again. But he didn't expect me to flip our positions. "Huh?" "Noway will you ever be on top, because you have to scream my name." I looked down at him mischievously and smiled. "Um... Could we do this later?" Tim asked nervously. "No." I said then kissed him. "Now seems like a good time to me." I looked into his eyes. "Yunno, I think you might be right."

Tim's POV... Two months later
  'I guess I was wrong, my life is much better now. My life without Dick was nothing compared to what I have now. Dick decided he wanted to stay and help us fight crime in the city at night, so we now have a new member of the Bat-family, Nightwing. Dick is now my partner, best friend, and lover. I never once before did the thought ever cross my mind that I would fall for a boy let alone a spy. So I guess the Spy found his Robin and that's exactly what this whole thing was about: The Spy and The Robin finding love in each other. It might be a little cheesy, but I guess this is one of those happy endings.' I thought after we got back to my room after the mission and I look at Dick. "I love you." I said and kissed him. "I love you too." He cued into my ear pushing me onto the bed. 'Yeah I know.'
                          ~~End of story~~
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