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by Carlo
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Speaks less, but means more

Settle Down

Jego Carlo Ramos

You and I are the stars in the white sky,

Yet these fights almost always make me cry

Do you really see what I'm yearning for?

It is us settling down, fighting no more

You and I believe in different things

We are so different... it really stings

Different beliefs, different in goals

Even so, I refuse to let you go

You and I finally found that one bond

Made a contract of love, but was soon gone

So tell me, why should we still keep fighting?

Do you not see? Both of us are dying.

You and I will probably split in two,

But it's nice to be just "US" than "ME" and "YOU"

Remember that I will always be reaching,

For us to be one, I'll keep on believing.

Philippines-Mindanao Conflict

16 lines

163 words

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