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by mrw
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Thriller/Suspense · #2019963
Fall into the abduction of Emily Marie Spencer and everything that happened in between.
August 31, 2014

10:30 a.m.


Emily was walking to her car after putting up her cart. She put the last few bags she had been carrying in the car and just as she was about to get in she felt a knife against her back.

"Get in the back of the car. Don't scream, don't signal to anyone, don't even talk. If you do anything, this knife is going straight into your back. Just get in," she heard someone she could obviously tell was a male say. She held back her tears, trying her best to follow his rules and slid into the back. She saw him signal to someone, his partner, to come over.

His partner sat in the passenger's seat and the original abductor started the car and drove off. Emily held her breathe every minutes to keep from crying. Out all the people in the parking lot, they had chosen her, and no one had noticed. It was baffling to her.

She looked around the car, trying to find something that would get her out of the car, but she knew better. It was her car, she always kept it locked and the windows were almost impossible to break.

She let a tear drop in defeat, knowing that today could possibly be her last...


September 1, 2014

8:00 a.m.

Emily woke up being pulled down to the ground by her main abductor. Roughly, her head hit the ground, causing a small gash to bleed from the top of her head. Her first reaction to cry out in pain, but she was quickly stopped when she felt a hand across her cheek.

"What did I say about making sounds?"

Her cry was again muffled when duct tape was put around her mouth. Her tear stained eyes looked at her abductor desperately, thinking it would help her persuade him to let her go, but that thought was removed as soon as he looked at her.

"Pouting doesn't make this situation any better, sweetheart," he said, pulling out his knife again.

She quickly changed her facial expression to one of horror and stopped. Laughing as he put it away. He walked over to his partner and his' car to help his partner. He grabbed a box and walked to put it inside the house she would soon be in also.

Seeing that his partner and him were distracted, Emily untied the ropes that were on her wrist behind her back, that were put on her in the car. Struggling, she barely removed them, but she did finish the task.

She then got to work on freeing her feet, but by that time her abductor returned. He ran towards her and she realized it. Taking a chance, she speedily untied her feet and started attempting to run away from him.

She ripped the tape off of her mouth and went running into the woods, screaming.

"Help! Help me, please! Someone help!"

She looked back to see both of her abductors grabbing guns and running after her. She ran faster, harder, deeper into the woods. She stopped screaming, knowing that no one would be within her radius and just started running. Nothing could distract her.

Except maybe one thing. She felt a bullet fly across her head and covered her ears, slightly protecting herself. She have run and pace herself more than she ever had in her life.



After running for a good amount of the day, Emily looked back to see that her abductors must have been way behind. She stopped to climb up a tree and rested there for just a bit...


September 2, 2014

5:00 a.m.

Emily woke up with another head start against her abductors. She could tell it was around 5:00 a.m.

She rose her arms above her head and rubbed her eyes clean of the drowsiness that was still in her. She climbed down the tree and landed on the ground quietly. She stretched out her body fully and just as she was about to look for some type of food or something, she felt a bullet fly past her side.

She gasped, grabbing the right side of her waist. After her moment of shock, she started running again.


10:00 a.m.

She had gotten a good distance away from her abductors and found a small, somewhat clean river. She let out a sigh of relief and started quickly drinking from it, just in case her captors were waiting for her.

After a minute or two, she wiped her mouth and stood up to start running again.


2:00 a.m.

Later at night, she saw a bush of berries. Going over to the bush, she looked at them carefully. She felt the berries on her skin, crushing one to make sure that she wasn't allergic to its juice or the berry itself. She waited a bit and came to the conclusion that it was edible.

She put one in her mouth and felt nothing weird happening on her tongue, so she chewed on it. After swallowing, she realized that it wasn't poisonous, so she ate a few more.

Finishing her 'meal', she stood up and wiped the juice off on her pants. She then looked around, and realized that she had no idea where she was or if she ran the correct way at all.

She sighed, knowing that it was better than being held by her abductors.

Being snatched out of her thoughts, she felt someone's strong hands grab her, and put his hand across her mouth. She started screaming, knowing exactly who it was and bit his hand. He yelled out in pain and she started running again.


She had been running for hours now, and she could still hear her captors behind her. She was breathing hard now, and she could barely get in all the air that she needed. While running, she realized how desperate she was for wanting to be rescued.

Emily pushed through the leaves and branches that were in her way.

'I have to get away,' she thought.

She had been missing for a few days now. She started remembering the accounts of the day she was abducted...

Being kidnapped, right in plain sight.

No one noticed.

None of the adults that passed by her noticed. None of the children that passed by and looked right at her noticed, or if they did. they showed no sign of it.

When she felt that feeling, she knew her fate was sealed. The feeling of fear. The feeling that she would probably never make out of that situation alive. That feeling grasped her neck, chocking her, making her feel as if it wasn't even worth living anymore...

She snapped out of the picture of events in her head and started running faster. She felt another bullet fly past her, but she felt as if her time was up. She couldn't run anymore. She felt tired, hungry, scared, and she was done with the situation. She was just waiting... Waiting for someone, something to save her.

She stopped, hiding behind a bush, and covered her mouth, trying to contain her breathing. She closed her eyes, praying, hoping that some sort of miracle would happen.

She heard their footsteps right behind her and she started to cry. This was the end. It wouldn't matter anymore. She was going to die. Right here, right now

She continued to stay quiet when she heard them stand right in front of her. She breathed in a huge breath of air and slowly opened her eyes. For only a moment she saw it coming.

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