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by Yasso
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Master & Slave, Rough, Explicit and Hot.
Yasmine The Dirty Slutty Wife and Her Dirty Master
This is a story about how Yasmine, the white naughty wife of an important man is a tool of pleasure for another poor man from Pakistan. Yasmine is a white pretty girl with long dark brown hair and big lips and a nice face. She has big fat tits and a nice big ass, she has a curvy build and sexy legs with a tattoo right above her ass cheeks and a tattoo on her right ankle. Her master Hamza, on the other hand, is a brown short fat man that is married with 5 kids and has a wife that does not work. He is the only one who works in his family.
One of these days, she wakes up in her tight pink pants with her curvy legs showing and a tight white top with her fat tits begging to just bounce out. She bounces down to the kitchen where her husband has made breakfast they sit down and eat as they finish her husband gets up in his suit and tie and kisses Yasmine on her right cheek and says bye baby got to go she smiles and looks at him in a wild way. He leaves and she immediately calls Hamza. He answers and says ''hi bitch'' she replies and says ''hi sir, how r u? i need u sir'' Yasmine says in a needy, horny way. He says ''I am at work you little bitch'' she replies fast and says ''please sir I beg you come around for a bit'' he says give me an hour slut, until then wait patiently and obediently u understand''? she says ''yes yes sir okay''. Hamza uses Yasmine in all ways possible, think of your wildest and most kinkiest dream and Hamza does it. Yasmine is into the whole deal and is prepared to do ANYTHING he wants or orders her to do. After an hour Hamza finally arrives tired sweaty in his suit and tie as well he rings the doorbell several times, Yasmine comes bouncing on her feet towards the door as her tits and ass jiggle and she opens it. She looks at him in a wild way and says ''hey sir'' he just steps in and grabs her face putting his dirty, fat,sweaty and smelly palm and fingers on her face covering her small sexy face fully. she moans under his hand as it squashes her nose and fat lips and eyes, she grabs his arm begging for mercy and he lets go. Her face is red and smelly from his hand he slaps her tightly across her face her whole body jiggles and she lets out a scream and giggles and says ''Yes sir do that again, do it again'' he does it 3 times more and she lets out screams and moans. ''Get on your knees and hands slut''! She does as told and becomes a slutty dog with her big ass protruding behind her and her fat tits dangling still under her clothes. he spanks her fat ass once and she moans looks at him in a slutty way and he orders her to move like this to the living room ''Move bitch'' and he spanks her slutty ass again she starts to crawl on all 4's as her body jiggles and he is just looking and smiling as he walks behind her. She stops in the living room and he orders her to get her face on the dirty floor and keep her ass in the air on her knees. ''Get that face on the floor bitch'' as he pushes her face down to the dirty floor and she rests her head sideways looking back at him. he spanks the ass many times as she moans and giggles and lets out slutty screams and he closes the door.

Tell us your thoughts everyone. Thanks.Part 2 coming up soon.

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