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(soft vore, f/m, digestion, scat)
By JuiceFox

Note: ‘Full Tour’ in this story means a non-fatal trip through the digestive system.

The first vore film I directed was meant to be a Full Tour video, but it ended up being something else. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I made a lot of mistakes. At the time, I thought the film was a disaster and I didn’t think it would sell more than a thousand copies. So I was shocked when I learned that it sold over a million copies in its first week. Although I failed in making a Full Tour video, I had accidently succeeded in making a film that appealed to a far wider audience. I know a lot of people think that the film was always meant to be a Digestion video, but it really was an accident. If I had intended to make a Digestion video, I wouldn’t have spent so much time looking for an otter to play the Prey role.

Few species can hold their breath long enough to survive a Full Tour, so it was very difficult to cast the Prey role. I searched for months and found no one. I probably would have never found anyone if it hadn’t been for my Predator. It turned out that Brenda, my Predator, used to babysit for a family of otters. And, one of the otters the hyena babysat had just turned legal.

Brenda gave me the otter’s address and I went over straight away. Chris, the otter, still lived with his parents – which could have made things tricky; parents generally don’t approve of their kids doing porn – but they weren’t around when I got there to make the offer. Chris was very apprehensive at first, and I had to do a lot of talking to convince him. I told him how safe everything was, how easy the job would be, and how much money he would make. Eventually, I talked him into accepting the role and signing the contract, but he still had a lot of misgivings - especially about the clause in the contract that absolved all involved of legal responsibility in the event of Digestion. Money smoothed things over. I gave him a grand in advance and promised four more when the job was done. After that, the kid was much less conflicted – he was about to start college and needed the money.

Unfortunately, after hiring Chris and Brenda I didn’t have much money left over for production. The set was just a motel room with some lights around the bed, and I only had one camera and no cameramen. I had to buy a lot of Anti-Digestives, which weren’t cheap, but, at the time, I thought they were necessary. Hyena’s have strong stomachs so it takes a high dose to neutralize the acid. Of course, it ended up being a waste of money. Anti-Digestives don’t work on some people and Brenda was one of those people. I didn’t know that at the time, but I did suspect that the Anti-Digestives might fail, so I also bought a safety collar as well.

For those who don’t know what a safety collar is, let me explain. A safety collar is something a prey wears in a predator’s stomach to warn people when the acid starts to pour in. As soon as any amount of acid is detected, the collar sends a signal to a receiver that beeps like crazy until the collar is retrieved and disabled.

I thought the safety collar was a necessary precaution. Brenda was a very big Predator and Chris was a very small Prey so, if something went wrong, it was unlikely that we’d see Chris’s distress beneath Brenda’s fat. Safety collars are usually very expensive but Brenda found one for me that was only ten bucks. It was a pink plastic thing that looked as cheap as it was. But, I thought it was better to have a shitty safety collar than no collar at all so I bought it.

On the day of the shoot, Brenda arrived early and helped me set up. She was eager to get started – milfs usually were – but Chris was running late. When he did finally arrive, he refused to work with Brenda, delaying the production even further. He was horrified when he saw the hyena. I was surprised by his reaction because I thought her already knew that Brenda would be his co-star. But, apparently, he was finding out for the first time. The kid must have thought he’d be getting naked with some hot, young lioness, not his fat, middle-aged babysitter.

He begged to be released from his contract, he even offered to return his advance, but his contract could not be so easily broken. If he backed out, he’d have to pay for the entire wasted production, which cost over ten grand. He got desperate then, and made up a ridiculous story about Brenda. He told me that, all his life, Brenda had been threatening to eat him as soon as he turned eighteen. He said she stalked him and sent him nude photos of herself digesting prey. Of course, I didn’t believe a word of it. Brenda was a mother and the nicest women I’d ever met. She wasn’t the kind of person who would do those things.

I knew that Chris was just having second thoughts – lots of first-time porn actors do – and needed some reassurance. I reminded him that Brenda would be on Anti-Digestives, and I also showed him the safety collar and explained how it worked. He wasn’t entirely convinced but, when he realised that I wasn’t going to let him weasel his way out of his contract, he stopped making up excuses.

Chris put on the collar and watched Brenda take a double dose of Anti-Digestives. I activated the collar and turned on the receiver. The receiver was a small box with a large screen. When I turned on the device, text appeared on the screen reading ‘NO ACID DETECTED’. I slipped the thing in my pocket and set up my camera.

Chris and Brenda got to their places and I started filming. I only wrote a loose script for the film, but Brenda was very good at improvising. She told Chris how much she would enjoy eating him and made a show of undressing herself. Naked, Brenda sat on the bed and touched herself as she watched Chris removed his own cloths. Chris was clearly not enjoying himself as much as Brenda was. He was afraid and it showed, but Brenda made it seem like his awkward undressing was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

When both were naked, Brenda lay Chris on the bed and climbed over him. The sex scene was meant to last at least ten minutes but, after only a quick blowjob, Chris came and he came hard. He shot gallons of cum down Brenda’s throat, and I’m not exaggerating. He was obviously a virgin so I guess he had a lot of pent up desire. Brenda didn’t lose a drop: she swallowed all of Chris’s ejaculation. Her belly sloshed with the musky fluid, but the hyena was still hungry for the main course.

I told Brenda to take it slow with the vore scene, but her predatory instincts seemed to take over. Her mouth yawned open and engulfed Chris’s head in one bite. I barely managed to get a shot of Chris’s terrified face before it disappeared down the hyena’s throat. While I tried to get a better shot of the action, Brenda swallowed Chris down to his waist. I told her to slow down, but it was already too late. The otter’s streamlined body glided down Brenda’s throat, and the hyena was licking her lips before she even realised I had said anything. The whole scene ended only seconds after it had begun.

After the brief sex scene and the briefer vore scene, I was worried that the film would end up being too short. I considered reshooting the whole thing, but washing a regurgitated otter would take time, and Brenda had leave at 3pm to pick up her kids from school. I couldn’t afford to waste any time, so I kept filming. I just hoped that I could get more out of the next scene.

As I expected, the otter was too small to make much of an impression on the hyena’s fat belly. Brenda’s stomach was distended, but you couldn’t tell that a living thing was inside. It would have been a very boring scene, but Brenda was able to really sell it. She sighed with satisfaction and whispered cruel things to her meal. She told the otter that the thought of him swimming in his own cum turned her on, and she touched herself as she said how good it felt to feel him squirm. The horny hyena wet the bed with her first orgasm and immediately went for a second. Then a third. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. By the time Brenda had exhausted herself, the bed was soaked through. The performance more than made up for the previous scenes.

Not a whole lot happened after Brenda’s last orgasm, but I kept filming anyway. Brenda lazily stroked her belly and smiled with blissful content. After a while, I noticed noises coming from Brenda’s belly. There was a soft gurgle that got louder over time. I got worried when gurgling became strong and frantic, like the sound of furious digestion. But the receiver for the safety collar didn’t make a sound so, I thought, there couldn’t be any acid. I looked at Brenda and saw that the noises didn’t concern her. In fact, she seemed pleased by them. I figured that Brenda knew her body better than I did so, if she wasn’t worried, there was nothing to be worried about.

Eventually, the gurgling calmed down and was replaced by a wet glorping. When the noises stopped all together, Brenda patted her belly and said “all gone.” I assumed she meant the noises, but Brenda looked strangely proud when she said it. I cut the film there, and asked Brenda how Chris was doing. “He’s all done now,” she said with a smirk. “He just needs some time to find the back door. I’ll tell you when I’m ready to dump him out.”

I was happy to hear that Chris was nearing the end of his Full Tour; it meant that we were almost done. All that was left to do was the releasing scene. We were filming the scene in the bedroom as well because the bathroom was too small. It was going to be messy so, to protect the carpet, the release was going to be done on a serving platter. The serving platter was the largest plate I could find. As long as Chris landed in the middle and didn’t roll off, the plate should keep the shit off the floor. I was setting up lights around the platter when I heard a loud fart and a soft giggle. “I think Chris is ready for the final act,” Brenda announced.

Brenda’s fart made me gag, and it was only going to get worse, so I opened a window before shooting the final scene. I got my camera and I told Brenda to squat over the serving platter. I set the camera at a low angle that cantered on Brenda’s ass, but still kept the serving platter in frame. I started filming and told Brenda to make sure she didn’t miss the plate.

Brenda lifted her tail and spread her cheeks, exposing her leathery tailhole. The dark ring of flesh pulsed and farted again. Brenda grunted and her tailhole yawned open to release an enormous log of shit. The turd dropped onto the serving platter with a wet thud. The smell was overwhelming but I had to put up with it. I hoped that the scene would end quickly, but Brenda had a lot to dump out.

Another log dropped onto the first, then another. Every time Brenda’s tailhole opened I expected to see Chris gasping for air, but all that ever came was another log. The shit filled the plate and piled up. I knew there would be shit, but I never thought there’d be so much of it. One final log dropped and Brenda sighed with relief and satisfaction, her voided bowels closing slowly. “Ahhh, feels good to empty out,” she said, turning around to admire the stinking pile.

I was confused. If Brenda was done, where was Chris? All I saw was shit. But, on closer inspection, I noticed large clumps of fur knotted through every turd. Hyena’s can digest everything but fur, and there was a lot of fur in this hyena crap. With horror, I realised that the pile of shit WAS Chris – all that was left of him, at least.

It didn’t make sense. If there had been even a trace of acid, then the receiver for the safety collar should have sounded an alarm. But the device remained silent the whole time. I took the receiver out of my pocket and looked at it. The text on the screen had changed. It read ‘NO SIGNAL’. There HAD been acid in Brenda’s stomach, I realised, but the collar was so shoddy that it couldn’t transmit a warning through the hyena’s fat.

There was a groan from Brenda’s gut. “Urgh, I think something got caught on the way out,” she said, turning around. She squatted again, over the shit pile, and lifted her tail and spread her cheeks. Naively, I thought that Chris might have survived after all. I refocused the camera on Brenda’s tailhole and waited to see if the otter was still inside. He wasn’t.

Brenda farted out the safety collar, and the receiver started beeping. The device that was meant to prevent digestion was finally sounding its alarm, after my actor had been thoroughly digested. It was a little too late for the pile of shit that used to be Chris.

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