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by brom21
Rated: E · Other · Other · #2020105
A family gets lost when a special being helps them out in the end.
The early morning clouds of the skies were displayed like blue ribbons over the desert region Phoenix, Arizona.  The Treets had been planning for months to travel to the arid, picturesque land formations of the Valley of Fire in Nevada and have Christmas with my dad’s family in Vegas. As they drove through the rural highways, Tom and Jessica were sleeping in the backseat of their parent’s SUV.

“Just look at the rugged beauty of the wilderness. I wonder how much more breathtaking the actual Valley will be,” said John to his wife Sarah.

“I agree. I’m so happy to get away from work, video games and rowdy neighbors to enjoy one of nature’s great wonders.”

John chuckled to himself. “I think the main reason the kids wanted to go was to see Area 51 and get a glimpse of some UFO’s. “

Sarah turned to her husband with a raised eyebrow. “I don’t know John.  I’ve seen some compelling documentaries and footage about that place.”

John casually snuffed at her words. “You don’t think there are real aliens being held inside some remote Air Force base?”

“I’m not adhering to any absolute belief I just think it is good to have an open mind,” Sarah said.

A young female voice came from behind them.  “Are we almost there?” Jessica said with a slight yawn.

“Yes, we should reach the Valley in about two…” John stopped abruptly and frowned.

“Something is thing is not right with the GPS system,” he said as he pulled over. “I think we’ve been traveling along the wrong highway for the last two hours. It now shows were somewhere two miles West of the correct road.”

Just as he spoke the screen on the GPS system became scrambled and flickered with static.

“What in the world!” John exclaimed.  His raised voice woke up Tom.

“Dad what’s wrong?”

“I’m calling for a highway patrolman. We have to find out where we are.” Sarah could see john’s panic in him as his bit his lip and ran his palm down his face sweating slightly. He dialed 911 on his touch phone and then put it to his ear.

“I don’t believe it,” John said gravely. “There is nothing but static.”

“What will we do? This road could go on for miles,” said Tom.

John looked down and took a deep breath and paused before speaking.  “We have to keep going. We should reach some town or something.  Everyone stay calm.”

There was a prolonged silence for about thirty minutes before Jessica spotted some lights in the distance. “Look! I see lights ahead!”

“You’re right Jessica,” said her father.

The uptight and desperate atmosphere in the vehicle could be felt deflating as the small family sunk back into their seats in relief.

“I see tower lights. Could it be an airport?”

John answered his wife as he squinted his eyes and leaned forward.  “It can’t be; we’re in the middle of nowhere.”

“Cool! Maybe it’s Area 51!” Tom said as he looked at his sister who had the same excited  look on her face.” 

“I think your right Tom.  In any case, we’ll just have to ask them for assistance in getting to the house.”

With that, they drove on until they found themselves traveling with a barbed fence to their right. Suddenly a man in a uniform stepped in front of their SUV and John stepped out to meet the man.

“Merry Christmas sir.  Could you help us? Our phone and GPS system went haywire and…”

He was interrupted by the man who spoke with a flat austere tone. “It is illegal or civilians to come this close to this outpost.”

Before anyone could speak further, a siren rang out and red lights flashed from towers and buildings.

“Code red!” cried a voice on an intercom.   

Suddenly the ground started to shake and a large disk shaped object rose from an enclosure about thirty meters past the fence.  It glowed with hypnotic lights and began to near where they were next to their SUV.

“A UFO!” exclaimed Tom.

The craft quickly approached them with an electronic hum that was heard as it closed in on them. The guard ran into the compound and John ran back to the vehicle hysterically.

“We have to go! It’s going got get us, it’s going to get us!”

“John, calm down!”

Sarah’s words were ignored as her husband floored the peddle. As they increased in speed the craft followed them.”

“It’s chasing us!” cried Jessica.

“But why!” yelled Sarah.

Soon the UFO was right above them. A bright beam shone down on them and lifted the scared family into the air. Next thing they knew a dark metallic room was all that could be seen.  Then they saw a squid-like creature come near them and knock on a glass window.

The alien spoke to John in a peculiar friendly, casual tone. “Hello there.” It said.

John was speechless and confused along with his family.

“Oh, we’re just giving you a lift to your wife’s family’s house for Christmas.  My kind are psychic and we finally escaped from that dreadful prison and we read your minds. It’s our gift to you. Merry Christmas. Oh and sorry about your instruments.  Our space ship gives off an electromagnetic field.”

The whole family traded perplexed expressions before Tom spoke. “This is the best Christmas ever!”     

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