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The description is your opinion.

I've been cursed with violence, and gifted with sorrow. I want to believe it's all a dream

Perhaps, if i blink hard enough, it'll all magically dissolve and disappear

Question is: When I open my eye's, what would I see?

Would I still be capable of opening them?

Though, I've caused this. I drug and dug myself into my own grave

I gave my self this unsatisfied life

But, if i was satisfied, wouldn't that defy the basic, opinionated, point of life? To evolve

I've hurt, not only myself, but others around me

Those who have unfortunately crossed my still-molding path

How I hold my regret on the sleeve of my shirt

Even though I repeatedly wash this obvious label, hoping it'll eventually fade

Yet, somehow the letters keep getting thicker after the rinse cycle

I cannot undo what I have done

Or change the black and white facts that I have found throughout this unpredictable life

Wishing to tell you how sorry I am

And all of how much I feel; Which feels like everything, that I fail to tell.

~ N. Lovely

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