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A girl forced to watch the abuse of her sister
Everyone knew he loved her;
Even I knew his love for her
Was greater than his tolerance for me.
Held in such high regard,
She was called his most prized possession.

But that’s just what she was to him,
His possession,
Something with which he could do
Whatever he wanted to.

When the doors were shut,
And his kind mask was stripped away,
It gave way to something unimaginable,
A horrible creature I have never seen before.

In the beginning she made excuses,
But even the most patient have their limits.
There’s only so much torture and anguish
One can take from their father.

At first it was the hope which kept me going
That gave way to a burning and never ending hatred
For both the one who left me alone,
And the one who began to treat me as his possession.

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