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Rated: E · Preface · Other · #2020296
An attempt of mine to make conservation more interesting.
         The soft, lilac scented wind drew itself lazily over the endless, seemingly untouched grove; in the flowing meadow adjacent to the infinite tree line, the gentle breeze played silently with the petite blooms of vibrant, red flowers, whose leaves spread like the wings of a phoenix, someday hoping to ascend to the heavens. The light gust would have continued its relaxing voyage on to the azure blue sea and caressed the mighty ocean's lapping waves, if it had not met a cold and unyielding steel structure. The rudely placed, immovable behemoth appeared to stretch upwards forever, having no limit to its gargantuan height. It reached up past the sight, past the clouds, and even past the flowers' dreams. The tower reflected the morning sun's soft light into a harsh, unforgiving glare that penetrated the air as a dagger penetrates flesh. From the spire's base flowed a lake of black asphalt, dominated by angry, metallic sharks; these unnatural beasts had terrifying, gnashing teeth that whirled from synthetic energy, flashing hungrily for their feast of unsuspecting woodland. A hoarse and earsplitting sound resounded throughout the air, instructing the hundreds of leviathans beneath the skyscraper's enormous shadow. Then slowly, painfully so, the monsters crawled across the lake, out into the vivid meadow, mercilessly crushing any delicate flowers that dared to grow beneath their unstoppable treads. The invaders trickled across the meadow, as blood trickles from a gaping, irreparable wound, continuing this relentless march to the virgin forest. As of yet, the great green guardian had served as a sanctuary for all of nature's most beautiful and extravagant creations. Now its many roots, vines, and branches turned from a protector, keeping devastation out, to the ultimate device of execution, snaring the many wondrous creatures in an inescapable mesh netting of vegetation. The machines that devoured the meadow steadily closed on the precious emerald, not even flinching when the first trees gave in to their insatiable steel talons; the grinding of the luscious forest wood echoed for miles, the grove's last desperate cry for help.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2020296-Natures-Downfall