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by brom21
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A king must bear the agony of the accusation against his doughters word and a nobleman.
The brooding man stood atop the pinnacle tower of the kingdom of Iphria gazing out to the expanse of sea that the castle overlooked. His scarlet cloak swayed in the moist wind gales that also blew his short raven black hair.

“It can’t be true. How could my own daughter betray me to our sworn enemies? But why would my chief advisor lie?”

The man stopped speaking to himself when he heard the sound of boots on the cold stone steps behind him.

“My lord, twilight has passed and you have yet to begin the commencement of the court assembly.”

The man turned around and nodded before taking a deep sigh then followed his servant down the interior of the staircase.  When they reached the bottom they were met by his councilmen.

“King Galen, the hour draws near for the decision to be made by you as soon as the defendant…”

The thin elderly man stopped speaking as he saw the dejection and pain in the Kings’ upturned eyebrows from his last word.

Surrounded by his advisors, the king made his way to the Grand Colonnade, a structure more ancient and mysterious that seemed to resonate with the spirits of the old kings. He took his seat at the head of the square granite table and summoned the accuser and the accused.

The king gritted his teeth and painfully spoke his initial words. “Bring the prisoner before the court.”

The breathtakingly fair princess wore a gown that was dirty from being in the jail cell. Her eyes twinkled with an inner beauty that surpassed even that of her physical splendidness.

Next a chief advisor came forth named Thenuous. “Before I begin, I want to convey my deepest pain and anguish for the state of matters. Nevertheless all traitors must be judged. To delay no longer I will begin by presenting the testimony of the sages that saw Princess Gienen grab the battle plans that were housed within the restricted chambers. Did you take the parchments Princess Gienen from the vault?”

“Yes but I was told to.” She pleaded.

“Are you referring to our nemesis king Morvious?”

“No, I was told to by Sage Nymphus.”

“Do you have the word of the sage?”

“Of course not, he passed away the night I was taken prisoner.”

Suddenly the door to the colonnade were thrown open and all the host of people were flabbergasted at the sight of a man with cloths wrapped around his body with blood stains seeping through. It was sage Nymphus!

“Stop! The princes is not the traitor, Thenuous is! I secretly over herd him conspiring with our enemies.  In exchange for knowledge about the kingdom he was promised great riches and power if he were to defect.  It was after Thenuous instructed me to relay a message to the princess telling her to bring the plans to the war front. I saw him speaking with a spy. He discovered my presence and wounded me with one of Morvious’ arrows to make it appear I had been attacked by his scouts. Then left me in a ditch to die but I was helped by a group of hunters who found me.”

“He lies my lord!”

“Sage Nymphus is like a brother to me and I would stake my trust on his words than yours in any situation. Guards arrest him!”

The defeated Thenuous cursed at the old sage as he was dragged off to the prison. Three days later he was hanged.

The king was relived but at the same time was grieved by the treachery of his trusted adviser. 

“Forgive me my daughter.”

“I’m just glad justice was served.  It makes me sad though.”

From that moment  on, King Glen would never question the innocence of his beloved daughter.   


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