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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2020532
Story about a shrunken Eugene
         As Eugene fled through the woods, being quickly chased by the towns gaurds, he looked around for anyway of escape. Yet no chance of escape appeared to him, and so he continued to run through the woods at break neck speed. By happenchance, he stumbled on a rock and fell through an overgrown segment of leaves concealing a passage way through a stonewall. Eugene stumbled forth into the light, and was shocked in awe at the magnificent tower he behelled. Seeing as the gaurds may still find him, he began to ascend the tower, but upon reaching the pinnacle of the tower, and making his way inside, outlandish symbols flashed around him, and he could faintly hear an elderly womens voice say "You shouldnt be here...". Eugene quickly realized he had fell into a magical trap, but for what purpose he had not known.
         As Rapunzel sweeped her tower room, she contemplated what she was going to do today. Her thoughts were interupted to a blinding light from her window. Upon first inspection, Rapunzel found nothing. It wasnt until Peskel pointed down at an unconsious body, extremely small in size, that Rapunzel found the cause of the light. She peered at the man while holding him, he was extremely small, and as this was the first man Rapunzel had ever seen, she thought this was usual for men. It was then she had an idea, if Rapunzel could show her mother that men would pose no threat to her, then her mother would surely let her free from this tower. Laying the man down on her desk, she stared down and waited patiently for him to wake up from his slumber.
         As Eugene awoke, he stared blankly back at the titanic face peering at him. He immediately jumped back in horror at realizing what he was looking at, the face of a giant teenage girl. "Oh goodie, you finnaly awoke!" Her voice boomed all around Eugene. "Lady please could you not talk so loudly!" Eugene begged, but to no avail as all Rapunzel could hear was small squeeking. "Well, heres the thing, my mother won't let me leave this tower because she thinks the men in the outside world would take advantage of me, but with you here, I can show her that I dominate men, and not fall prey to them." Eugene was startled at the word of dominate. "What do you mean by dominate?" He inquired. "What!?!" She boomed, looming closer and revealing her gigantic mouth to the tiny Eugene. "Whatever, we're going to need to start soon so we can finish before my mother gets back from her trip." "Get started with what?" Eugene wimpered. Rapunzel grabbed Eugene and walked to her bed, setting him down on the ground and sitting on her bed herself. Raising her foot over the small form of Eugene, she demanded, "Now start licking, or else mother wont believe i can handle myself!" Eugene stared at her in disbelief. "Now listen here lady," He put on in his suave way, "I don't just going around licking every girls foot, take me out to dinner first, then we can do the kinky stuff." Knowing that the small man was refusing to oblige, she smashed her foot onto the floor beside him. "START LICKING RIGHT NOW!" Eugene was taken back by the girls sudden change in personality. Edging closer to the girls foot, Eugene stared at the girls foot, just inches away from him (From his viewpoint), and then looked up at the teenage girl, who he noticed had a stern face on, and decided it would be best to try to persuade her yet again. "Um, just to get this clear, you want me to lick your foot?" Eugene said with reluctance. "What is taking so long!" Rapunzel boomed, snapping Eugenes head between her first two toes, and raising him to her face. "This could get a whole lot worse if you want it too.." She threatened. "I dont think thats possible.." Eugene whispered. "That, unfortunately for you, I did hear." She stated, almost dissapointed.
         Pinching Eugene with her fingers and getting off her bed, she threw Eugenes body onto the spot she was sitting on her bed, which had her bottoms figure imprinted on it. Eugene stared back up, in horror at the sight of the teenage girls ass coming down ontop of him. In a vain attempt to escape her posterior, he scrambled backwards whilst still looking upward, he was squished into a press as her butt pushed down onto him. Scooting back and forth, Rapunzing made herself comfy, getting a book and starting to read it as her victim was crushed beneath her. Down below, Eugene was confined into a small crevice where her ass crack was. The pressure was immense, and Eugene lost all ability to move or resist the girls strength. As she scooted to and fro, as she got comfy, Eugenes face was pushed side to side and by the time she had stopped his entire face was firmly covered by the girls dress, which was just barely covering her underwear. His nose and his face was pushed back into his head, swollen and red from the force of the girl. As Rapunzel sagged down ontop of Eugene, reading her book, she decided to have a little extra fun in her predicament. Spreading her asscheeks while sitting, she pressed down with her body, and let loose a mighty fart. Eugene, now having the girls asshole directly covering his face, was completely engulfed in the girls fumes. The smell of it was tormenting, and filled his lungs and every breathe. Unable to breathe any clean air, he was forced to engulf unending amounts of the girls smell. Slowly, as the smell spread through his lungs, Eugene slowly lost conscience, and fell into an uneasy rest...

         To Be Continued....

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