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Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #2020626
Part two of chapter one
Who am I?” I said out loud in my sleep, “you have long blond hair, sea-blue eyes. Your birth parents had fought in a war in which they were believed to have died. Your guardian Sierra saved you. You are Marina princess of Xylia.” Said the voice that had sung me to sleep.

“Marina wakes up; it’s just a dream,” Bloom said in a soft tone of voice. “Bloom, you can’t wake her up like that. You have to yell it,” said Alice, “like this, WAKE-UP!” I jump up out of bed so scared that I almost peed myself. “Yes, yes, am,” I said, practically breathless. “What’s going on?”

“We are being called into the headmistress office,” replied Bloom. “I am sorry about the way you woke up.” looking up at Alice.
“You were talking in your sleep, and I was trying to help you wake up more softly.” Still looking at Alice. “Ok! I get it. Am sorry I wake you up like that. Now can we get going? We don’t want to make Ms.Fionna mad?” Replied Alice.

As I got up Bloom, and Alice had left so I could get dressed. As I picked out what to wear, Alice was watching through the crack in the door. I knew she was doing it, but I don’t say a word I just got the rest of my outfit on.

I started too walked out of my room when it occurred to me that Bloom said I was talking in my sleep. I must go r what I was saying I thought as I reach for the doorknob. I walked out of my room, and I saw that only Bloom and Alice was standing there waiting for me. “Where are Flora and Tec?” I asked, looking around the room, “oh, they already left. So we might want to go catch up to them,” said Alice.

As we walked up some stairs around a bunch of corners, Ms. Felix saw us, “Girls, you might want to hurry it up. Ms. Fionna doesn’t want to be waiting for too long.” Said Ms. Felix, “we are trying our best,” Alice said as we walked through the door of Ms. Fionna’s office.

“Come on in girls and have a set.” Said headmistress Fionna. “You girls are going to be in a new class starting today…” “What, but why?” I said out loud, “I mean, I just got here why do I have, I mean, why are we taking another class.” I said, trying to keep myself from crying because I was so overwhelmed I don’t think I could handle any more news like that. “It is to help you, girls, to discover who you are?” replied ms. Fionna, “alright, you must be off to your class. Oh, Marina, would you mind staying back for a minute.”

I was scared because I thought I had done something wrong. I said bye to the others and waited for the door to close. “I promise I didn’t do anything that would get me in trouble.” I said almost in tears.” Don’t worry, Marina you didn’t do anything wrong. I wanted to see if you were alright, but I can see something is bothering you. Would you like to tell me what it is?” said Ms.Fionna.

I was hesitant about telling her, but something inside told me to inform her, so I started to talk. “Well ever since I got here, I was wounding who I was. I have been wounding that for a while now. Especially after I was told Sierra was my guardian, that I didn’t belong on earth. I belong in a dimension called Magics or something like that.” I waited for her to say something, but when she didn’t, I continued.

“I knew then that I was different, but after I had come here, Alice and Tec started to tell me who I was. You walked in and told them not to tell me anything. I went to bed. However, as I was going to sleep. Someone started to sing to me. I know I have heard that voice before. I was awoken by Alice before that person could tell me who I was. That is why I am confused and frustrated. I don’t know what to do?” I said, relieved to have finallty gotten it off my chest. Looking at Ms. Fionna with tears in my eyes, I was hoping she would have an answer to what is going on with me.

“Marina I know with everything that has happened to you in the past three weeks has been new to you. I also see that it is all overwhelming for you. That is why I had you and the other girls be in this class, the girls and you are going to be the only ones in this class. You are very special, Marina, in fact, you are different then everyone else here.” Replied the headmistress. “I don’t want to say much to you, and I don’t want anyone else to say anything either. What I well let you know is that you are not from earth but from a place called Xylia. Xylia is another dimension kind of like Magics, but where you are from is in Heaven. You are the Princess of Heaven, which is all I will tell you.

”I looked at her, then down to the ground as I thought, “how can I be the princess of Heaven or Xylia?” I finally looked at Ms.Fionna and said, “what about my birth parents? Who are they? Do I get to meet them?” the questions came pouring out so fast that I didn’t have time to think of anything else. “All in time, my dear. As for now, you must be off to class.” Ms.Fionna said while holding the door open for me.

I had mixed feelings. I was both happy that I had answers, but was disappointed that the answers only left me with more questions. I started out of the office and headed down a long hallway that seemed to never end.

“I wish the headmistress would tell me more. I want to know everything,” I thought to myself. I had walked right past the classroom without knowing. “Marina!” said a lady in a light blue dress. I stopped suddenly, turned, and said, “yes?”

“I believe you are looking for this class.” Replied the lady. I looked down at the paper then up at her. I caught up in my own thoughts that I forgot where and what I was doing. “that is alright, I understand. You won’t be counted as late. Your friend Bloom was kind enough to let me know where you were.” The lady replied. Looking down at my hand, where the letter was, she replied, “I believe that note is for me?” she said with her hand stretched out. I handed her the letter and thought, “how did she know what I was going to say? Who is she?”

I walked into the classroom and notice that the chalkboard had her name on it. “Her name is Linda, that is a pretty name. It suits her.” I thought while looking for a seat. The only place left was next to Bloom and all my friends. Bloom looked at me and mouth, “are you alright?” I replied only with my head, no. The class seemed to take forever when it was finally over. I wanted to go back to my dorm and lay down.

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