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by Rick H
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A father's Hope and wish
To My Daughters

You can be anything at all.

You can topple any wall.

You can do all things!

Look! See what future brings!

You are shiny and bright.

You know wrong from right.

You have skies open and wide.

GO! Achieve with righteous pride!

You grow so very fast.

The years flying past.

You're headed for the door,

Only a few years more...

Soon you're out in life.

Maybe someone's wife!

Or out on your own,

Discovering life's unknown.

Let the truth be your light.

Let your heart lead you right.

Let your values be strong.

Let them guide you from wrong.

Let your love for God be bright.

Let the world see your light.

Always seek His assistance

it helps with life's resistance.

REMEMBER! Stay teachable.

Keep your Spirit reachable.

Work to hold easy smiles,

It really helps during life's 'mean'whiles.

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