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Gaming addiction
As I sit there barely thinking
Playing, “Rifting”, rarely blinking
Leering, tearing, never hearing
Anything else that’s going on.

My eyes are burning my hair is messy
Barely eating barely resting
Fingers cramping, Shoulders tensing
But cannot get enough of the song,

Of slicing, dicing, blasting, casting
Walking, talking, foraging, crafting
Talking with Guildies, Dancing, laughing.
All working towards the same old goal.

Grinding, questing cant you see?
I need some more, some more XP
So I can level, get high as can be!!
How much more till 43?

It’s crazy, insane, thrifty, and nifty
How they suck you into 50

Just one more instance one more dungeon
I don’t need breakfast don’t need lunch and
One more quest is all I need
Where the hells this Drakefoot Seed?

Just one more rift one more hit
I just have to beat these invaders to bits
I’m not addicted I can quit
Whenever I want it’s just a game

I knew we would beat them no if ands or buts
I swear I’ll get off in one more minute
Or 20 or 30, 60 the limit.
There’s just one more thing I have to do.


I can’t get off
I can’t DC
I love you, I hate you
You are what I need

But I am pretty tired….

I Finally get myself to log off the server
I rub my eyes and feel their fervor
It’s ok I will go to bed
But I’ll get up early to get ahead.
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