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by mrw
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This is a story about a man who always seemed happy when in reality, he wasn't.
He had been loved by many. Each and every time he came into contact with any human being he made an impact on them. Never meaningless nor negative, but a positive impact.

Whenever he met people who were having great days, he made sure that he never brought their mood down. As a matter of fact, he made their day even better.

He also made a very great impact on people going through horrible situations. Whenever someone was on edge, planning to take their life, ready to end one of the most important thing that has been given to them, he stops them. Sometimes even without knowing it.

Everyone thought he was happy. Always staying positive, smiling. Some people thought that he could never not smile, but that wasn't the case.

He was depressed, and when I say depressed, I mean on the verge of killing himself almost everyday. He always put on this facade. Putting on this show of being happy and joyful about everything, but in all reality, he wasn't.

Every night, he would sit in darkness, with only the TV running, but he never paid attention to it. All he did was think. He would think about how much he hated life and about how much he wanted to leave this earth, leaving nothing behind.

He wanted people to forget about him, but at the same time, he wanted to be remembered. He wanted to keep others from feeling like he felt everyday. He wanted keep people from wanting to end their pain and suffering by cutting or killing themselves. He encouraged them and kept them alive.

Until one gloomy and cold winter day. He just couldn't take anymore pain of life... He jumped. Right off of the balcony of his apartment. He laid out on the sidewalk, dead.

Everyone who had ever met him, all ruined. In pain, suffering from the death of this one person that seemed eternally happy. They looked for at least a small silver lining. That he was just kidding. That none of this was real. That he was just playing a cruel, cruel joke on them, but they knew better then that.

They were surprised to find out that he was depressed. It was something unexpected. The thought of not knowing that he was never truly happy shook them. Not knowing the true health of his mental state scared them. Especially since he had demonstrated how serious it all was by ending his life.

Though they were sad, and mourning for days, months, and some of them even years, they made sure that they would make the same impact he made on everyone.

They told everyone who would listen about how serious depression and everything about it was. About how most people don't even know that someone they love very dearly could have it and could never speak about it. They told about his happiest moments. The true genuine moments when you could tell that he wasn't faking that day. That he was truly happy.

To keep his identity hidden, they gave him a name that would be generally used, but for them it would be reminder of him...

The man who jumped.
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