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Part 3 of chapter One. NOT COMPLETED
“Marina, you are special. You must find go to Xylia. You have to find the light that once shined and relight it. You are their only hope. There are people still there, but they have been lost…” said the voice. “Marina, you need to wake up.” Bloom said, “it’s just a dream, but you have to wake up. Please wake up you are started to worry us?” “She can’t hear us, Bloom, I think we have to inform the headmistress. We will go get her while you stay here to make sure she is alright.” Replied Tec., “alright, but hurry!” yelled Bloom.

Tec, Flora, and Alice left in such a hurry they didn’t even notice that they had run right past headmistress Fionna. “Girls! What is going on?” Ms.Fionna said. The girls stopped at started talking all at once. “Ok once at a time. Tec, what is going on? Why are you guys in such a hurry?” said Ms.Fionna. Tec took a long pause then explained the whole thing… “And now she won’t wake up, and we don’t know what to do? Can you please help?” said Flora interrupting Tec.

The headmistress looked at them turned, told them, “I must go alone. You girls go find Mr. Ripley and tell him to find me in Marina’s room,” replied Ms.Fionna while running down the hall….

“Bloom, you need to leave.” Ms.Fionna started saying, “Am here, headmistress. Oh my... Bloom, please wait outside.” Said Mr. Ripley while looking at headmistress Fionna. Once Bloom was out of the room. Mr. Ripley looked at Ms.Fionna and said: “I thought she didn’t know anything?” “she only knew that Xylia is actually called Heaven on earth. I am not sure what has happened.” Replied Ms.Fionna. “Ms.Fionna, I hate to tell you, but she knows more now. I believe she is receiving a request from her Protector.” Replied Mr. Ripley, Ms.Fionna knew who that was…

“Marina it is time for you to wake up… Ms.Fionna well know what you must do now.” Replied the lady. I wake up with a terrible headache. I look around and saw Ms.Fionna and Mr. Ripley. “I don’t know why I have a head ace, what I do know is I have to talk to you.” I started to say then I looked around and saw that they already knew what had happen. “What do they know that I don’t,” I thought to myself. “I know you both know something I don’t, but what I want to know is who the person I see in my dreams is? And why?” I said

“Marina, you already know that person. You just know her human form.” Said Mr. Ripley. “I do?” I said, then I thought for a moment, “Wait was that my guardian?” I replied. “Yes, Marina, that was. I am assuming she asked you to go to your dimension and helped the people there?” said Ms.Fionna looking straight in my eyes.

“Can she see what I am thinking?” I thought, I wanted to say no, but I knew I could not. “Yes Ms.Fionna. She told me the people where lost, and I had to relight something?” I said. “But I don’t know what to do. What am i relighting? How am do I relight it? She told me that you would know what I am supposed to do next.” I continued.
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