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Equality laws but no equal treatment.
Our laws teach equality but do not provide for us equally. The country is open, democratic and free but what does this mean for a mixed race individual like me? Never once taunted for my race but I have sympathy for those who lived the hardship during Apartheid and America's era of slavery.

We fought for freedom and an end to the oppression but rather than democratic development we have endured political regression. We gave a voice to the struggling masses, the underprivileged and the meek. How has our fight for justice become so weak? Instead of going forward we are stuck on pause. To truly be free we need to remember the cause.

Equality is not just about race though, it includes women's rights; the disabled and the homo. I know the pervasiveness of homophobia is real and strife. How would a gay man enjoy his life? They are ridiculed and judged for being different but in the end they become a symbol for hatred, a referent. Being gay has become an insult, denoting something lesser. Do I believe in freedom and equality for all? Yes sir.

Can we apportion blame and say that it was taught to us by the older generation? Or do we blame the government, bureaucracy and an unnamed federation? There is the concept of it being a decision or perhaps some sort of genetic predisposition. I think the answer lies with every one of us, secretly judging everyone from the popular kids to the geek on the bus.

It does not matter if you are the happiest person or an unfortunate weeper. The richest man on earth or have debt sinking you deeper. A powerful beast or a terrifying creature. We are all equal in the eyes of the Grimm Reaper.

It is irrelevant what you believe in, religion teaches love for thy neighbour as if they are your kin. We need to strip away the fear and preach the words we all yearn to hear: "Freedom for us all and it all starts this year."

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