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Wrote this when I was bored :P Not my best work but I might make it into a book?
“Lucas…He hates me...” I said, looking down at the floor beneath my feet.

“He doesn’t hate you, Danny. I know he doesn’t.” He said, sitting beside me. I could feel his coldness move towards me as he gave me a hug. I grabbed his hand, not thinking about the ice feeling.

“I don’t like you being dead...” I mumbled. “I can’t touch you the same...”

“I’m sorry. I wish I was paying more attention but I was worried about you. The guy you were fighting was huge and I didn’t think you’d be unharmed because you’re so tiny.” He whispered, laying his head on my shoulder. “You’re shivering, Danny…”

“I know but it’s alright. It doesn’t bother me.” I said as I looked at him. His face still looked the same except he was paler and his eyes were brighter but he still looked like himself. “Grab that blanket right there, please.” I said, gesturing towards the blanket behind him. He quickly grabbed it and wrapped it around me just as fast as I decided to crawl onto his lap. He smiled faintly at me and I kissed him, not thinking about what I was doing.

“Danny…” he whispered. I looked at him, my eyes feeling teary. “You’ll get sick. I’m too cold...”

I shook my head. “If I can survive you dying then I can survive being sick.” I said, looking into his eyes.

He started kissing me over and over... So much that I could barely take a breath and all I could feel was his ice cold lips all over me and the thought of Damien left my mind…
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