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Part Two (:
“Danny…” I heard a voice whisper. I turned over and Damien was standing there and I immediately realized that all my clothes were on the floor. “Are you alright…? You look a bit pale.”

“Um…Yes…I think so.” I mumbled. I could feel my face turning beet red. I am so embarrassed.

“You sure?” He asked, sitting beside me. I quickly pulled more blankets over me. He felt my face and whispered quietly, “You have a fever, again!”

I shivered and didn’t bother saying a thing. He got under the blankets with me and pulled me close but I turned away from him.

“Something wrong?” he said, looking at me.

“Yeah…” I whispered. “I’m naked…”

I heard him laugh a little. “Danny, I’ve seen you naked before.”

“Yeah, but you’ve never lain in bed with me. Have you?” I said, sarcastically.

He shook his head. “No, I haven’t but there’s a first time for everything.”

I blushed so much. “I don’t feel comfortable.”

He started moving and I heard clothes hit the floor. Please don’t be getting nude! I thought.

“There. Now we’re both naked. Comfortable now?” He said, touching my shoulder.

I turned over to face him and moved closer to him as I shivered. He wrapped his arms around me and his warmth felt so nice… I feel his body against mine and I see flashbacks of last night. Lucas kissing me, undressing me, and on top of me…

“Damien!” I shrieked, jumping up.

“Danny! Are you okay?? What’s wrong?” he shouted, grasping me tight. I felt myself tremble as if I was afraid of something.
I glance to the door and I see Lucas standing there, watching us.

“Lucas…” I mumbled.

“Don’t worry, Danny. I’m here. I’ll always be here, making sure you’re safe. Go and get warmed up with Damien, okay?” Lucas whispered.

Tears poured down my eyes and I could no longer breathe…

I felt Damien’s hands shake me, shouting my name and shouting for everyone else to come and help me. I saw Lucas’s face disappear and after that… All I saw was darkness.
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