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A Four-Stanza Double Etheree describing each seasonal change
breezes filled
the cool valley,
the Spring fairy would
glide on translucent wings,
welcoming Spring to her lands.
In early months, the dragon breathed
icy frosts through the valley below.
The Spring fairy and Winter Dragon
fought brutal battles over the seasons,
resulting in thunderstorms, hail and
tornadoes, ripping through the land.
In the end, the fairy wins,
Winter bows his head and
with one last kiss from
the Spring fairy,
the Winter

warmth spreads
over hill
and dale, a new
battle rages. The
Spring breezes give way to
the hot, humid, stagnant air
of summer. The fire-breathing
Summer Dragon evaporates the
spring rains, making it difficult for the
Spring Fairy to fly and celebrate her
beautiful floral displays. Since the
days lengthen and grow hotter the
fairy loses her strength and
can not attend to her
spring flowers, and with
one fiery breath,
far away
she is

heat of
the dragon's
fiery breath
begins to wane as
the Autumn Fairy paints
leaves in golden amber hues.
The dragon's heat competes with the
coolness of the fairy's beating wings.
As autumn approaches, a frostiness
appears in the air. Once the leaves are changed
there remains no chance to gain back their
verdant green. With every shortened
day the dragon loses strength.
The fairy soon sends him
to hibernate in
the darkened caves.
With one sweet
kiss, he

the leaves
have all been
painted, they start
to fall to the ground.
The Autumn Fairy's job
is now complete, as days grow
shorter and much colder. Ice and
snow now fill the air, the amber wings
of the fairy can not beat it away.
The Winter Dragon covers the land with
his white breath. The blinding blizzards keep
the Autumn Fairy grounded; she
can not compete with icy
frigidness. She gathers
enough of her strength
to find warm lands
and soon she
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