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all my life, I've been afraid to get close to people, but there's a reason some still do.
"how did you meet your best friend?"

my best friend? do I HAVE a best friend? I suppose I do...well, I've had multiple...let's start with the earliest, and move from there...

First, there were twins, two boys name Alex and Max. At this time, I was...I want to say 6, but probably more like 9 or 10. I don't know how I met them, but I was REALLY close to these boys, and any day I could, I'd go over to their house. in fact, there were several times where I went over just to invite them to my house. They introduced me to several of their friends, and never once would they ignore me. At first, Alex seemed to fluctuate, sometimes he'd be my friend, sometimes he seemed to hate me, I could never figure out why. He soon opened up as he matured, but Max was always my friend...and still would be, if he hadn't moved away...that's when I learned how much it hurts to loose your best friend.

I had another friend named Brandon. I don't think he could truly be defined as a best friend, but he came close. maybe it was a year, maybe only a couple of months, but I was introduced to him soon after I met Alex and Max, by the two twins. He often hung out with the twins, and was often around when I was with them. After a couple of years, he opened up enough to come over on his own sometimes. but, when the twins moved away, Brandon stopped coming over.

Next on the list is Nick. A couple years ago, maybe 4 or 5, Nick moved in next door to me. I didn't meet him right away, but my sister did, and a couple weeks later, I was introduced to him. originally, Nick was good friends with Trace and J.J., who I'll get to in a moment, but after a couple weeks, he became a close friend. I rarely went to his house, but practically every day he'd come over to mine, whether it be to play videogames, run outside, or play games inside! sadly, after about a year and a half, he moved away too.

then we get to J.J. I never learned what his name stood for, but since I was too little to remember, I've been his friend. In fact, though I've never thought about it, I believe Trace was the one who introduced us. J.J. was one of Traces best friend too, and often went over to his house or vice-versa; in fact, J.J. was the one who often brought Trace over to my house when Nick moved. About a month after Nick moved, J.J. moved as well.

Then there's Trace. Trace has been my friend since I could remember. and, in fact, he was only two doors down from my house. I didn't spend a lot of time with him at first, but he came over a LOT. Once Alex and Max moved, I spent more time with him. Now, he never moved, but our interests were different, especially since he was into sports. soon after J.J. moved away, he rarely came out of his house, so we grew distant.

I DO have more friends I could talk about, but there's almost nothing worth noting. one was my best friend, but we lost contact after a year. another moved away suddenly without warning after a couple months...there ARE two that I could talk about...but it becomes a bit hard to describe what happened...or how we met...oh well, now you know my friends!
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