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A new Vault Hunter has entered Pandora. She saves Zer0 and helps his recovery.
Borderlands Fan Fiction


1:36 AM

         I have no idea where I am. Clearly, that gas station clerk had no idea what he was talking about. Well, he was a little drunk. I see some train tracks, that might be helpful. I walked over to them and examined them. I swiped my finger across one of the main tracks and smelled it. A train has passed by recently, which mean another should come by soon.

         I wipe my finger on my pants, cursing under my breath because these were my only good pair of pants. I quickly checked my hips for my pistols and sighed in relief once I confirmed that they were there. I reached behind me and touched my rifle. I sighed and sat down on a slanted rock. I listened for an oncoming train, hoping I wouldn't find yet another idiot. I tapped the rock slowly with my right index finger, becoming impatient. I got up and stepped onto one of the tracks. I walked along the tracks, mildly bored. I pulled my rifle out, hearing something scuff some metal. I aimed and headshot a rat. Oh great. I pulled the trigger again, not noticing the oncoming train about to hit me. It slammed into me, sending me flying off of the tracks and landing in the sand. I groaned and sat up, rubbing my ribs. I winced once I touched them. I noticed that one of the train cars was blown up. I rushed over to it, hoping that no one was dead. I searched through the rubble, only finding one survivor. I picked him up and carried him on my shoulders.

         "Who... Are...you?" he moaned.

         "I'm a Vault Hunter," I told him. "Don't talk. Save your strength." I carried over to a metal platform and set him on it. I examined him, hoping he wouldn't die on me. I quickly wrapped his gouge on his arm in my ripped off t-shirt sleeve. I used my index finger and my middle finger and checked his pulse. It was steady. I slumped my shoulders in relief. I sat down on one of the small metal poles and waited for him to gain consciousness. He was strange looking, he only had three fingers and a thumb. He wore a helmet so I couldn't see his face.

         "Harsh place. I don't know how I'm even still alive. Or why I'm talking to myself when you can't even hear me." I sighed and looked up at the sky, growling at the sight of the Hyperion satellite. Hyperion, bunch of backstabbed suckers. Especially Handsome Jack. He's a really charmer, not really. I'd like to shove my fist into his skull, sideways. He dumped me out here.

         I heard the assassin moan and I looked at him. "What's your name?"

         He held his head. "Zero. Where are the others?"


         "Dead? How?"

         "Killed in the explosion. You are the only survivor and you're still pretty hurt. I suggest you don't get up....." he gets up as soon as I said it. He winced and collapsed. I sighed and put his right arm over my shoulders. I helped him up. "Why are you here?"

         He looked at me, my reflection on his helmet. "Same as you. I'm a Vault Hunter." I walked him over to an abandoned cabin and entered. I sat him down on the couch and rubbed my right arm.

         "You're heavier than you look," I told him. I knew he won't say anything to that. I sighed and looked out the window. I heard something land on top of the cabin and I grabbed the shotgun hanging on the wall. I cocked it and pointed the barrel of the gun at the roof. I pulled the trigger and blasted a hole in the roof. I focused on the sound and my eyes glowed a pale blue. I blocked out my other senses and focused on the sound. I pulled the trigger again and I heard an angry choking noise. A bandit fell off the roof and landed in a pool of blood. He stared at me.

         "What was that? Everything slowed down and your eyes..." he trailed off, staring at me.

         "That's my special power," I told him. "I like to shoot things."

He sighed. "That's what makes us different."

I looked at him. "What do you mean?" He looked away.

"You're so different than I am."

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