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Two amnesiacs who fall into a coma awaken in adjacent hospital beds simultaneously. What?!
Lost their MindS
by David Turner

John – A recent amnesiac, to be released from the hospital following a mild brain injury Middle-aged, black.
Jane - A recent amnesiac, to be released from the hospital following a mild brain injury. Middle-aged, white.
Dr. Stephens – Attending physician in his sixties. white.
Nurse Kara – The doctor's nurse. Late twenties, white
Edgar Hamilton: Editor-in-chief; Lifestyles and Living Magazine. White, 65

County Hospital, present day

{Fade in to hospital room. The two patients are sitting partially upright in adjacent beds with identically bandaged heads. Dr. Stephens jumps as Jane stirs slightly before blinking her eyes open}

Dr. Stephens: Oh my! Well... good morning

Jane: Where am I?

Dr Stephens: This is St. Luke's Memorial. [Pause] You've been out a long time. Do you remember what happened to you?

Jane: [Nodding her head] I . . .

[John moans from the bed as he comes to consciousness]

Dr Stephens: Our mystery man and woman awake at the same time! That's a strange coincidence...

John: Where am I?

Dr Stephens: That's what she said

Jane: What's going on?

Dr. Stephens: Well, you both were in a pretty serious accident. Both of you were in the back of a taxi cab that fell into the river. No one was able to find identication on either of your persons. Probably the river draft ripped your effects right off of yuh. And really, I think it's worth noting that neither of you would be alive if it weren't for the tow truck driver who spotted the car.

John: Holy shit! So you don't know who we are? Is that what you're saying?

Dr. Stephen: That is correct. Now, both of you have been in the hospital under care for a pretty extensive time. I was coming in here to check up on the two of you and I really didn't expect to be greeted by both of you. Why don't you two both just relax and lie down for a moment and I'll back in a few minutes, okay?

John: Okay

[The two patients remain in their beds and Jane yawns as John takes her in. They share a glance before simultaneously looking away.]

Nurse Kara: Hello you two! I heard you sleepyheads decided to finally get up!

John: Ah, it was just a quick nap

Nurse Kara: [Scoffs] Well, I'd say it was more of the Rip Van Winkle variety then. You BOTH have been down and out for... a really long time

Jane: How long exactly, nurse?

Nurse Kara: Oh, for years and years! [Pause, no reaction] Alright, well, to be honest with you, I don't know the EXACT date, but it's been a few months...[Longer pause] So my name is Kara. I just need to get some basic tests done if you don't mind and then we'll have the doctor come in to speak with you both a little further.

Dr. Stephens: Whoaaaaa... hey Kara, I can take it from here actually. [Kara nods and leaves the room] Why don't I have you look up for me? [Dr. Stephens shines a small light into Jane's eyes.] How do you feel? Does anything feel different?

Jane: Well, no, I just feel very tired. I'd like to sleep soon, if I can, doctor

Dr. Stephens: You can still do that. I just need to check a couple of things first, but really, I don't think you need more sleep at this point. But if you would like we can allow you to doze off here in a few. This shouldn't take long.

Jane: Geez, I just feel like I haven't slept in weeks!

Dr. Stephens: Oh, believe me, you have. [Dr. Stephens begins to take notes] Just promise me you won't be asleep too much longer than needed.

John: So doctor, how long do we have to stay here?

Dr. Stephens: Are you feeling good enough to leave? [Pause] Well, either way I'd like you two to stay overnight here in the hospital before either of you can go. You can't just get out of a coma and get up and walk out of the hospital like nothing happened. [Pause, looking back at Jane] So, how much of the accident do you remember?

Jane: Well, I remember being in the taxi, and I remember being upside down as the water was rushing in through the window... That's the last thing I remember... and really the only thing I remember [Jane slowly raises a hand to her forehead, touching the bandage]

[Dr. Stephens makes his way over to John and looks him over.]

Dr. Stephens: John, follow my finger. [Dr. Stephens moves his finger back and forth in front of John's face] Good, good. Now what about you? What do you remember?

John: I don't... uh, I don't remember anything

Dr. Stephens: Nothing at all?

John: No...

Dr. Stephens: Well, what was the last thing you can recall?

John: No no, I...I can't remember anything.

[Dr. Stephens pauses, looking at him seriously]

Dr. Stephens: So just to be clear, you remember nothing, literally... absolutely nothing.

John: No, I can't remember anything.

Dr. Stephens: Can you tell me your name?

John: It's uh... it's...

Dr. Stephens: Oh wow

John: No, it's on the tip of my tongue, I can almost...remember...

Dr. Stephens: Yes, try to remember, but don't strain yourself too much

John: Brad....Pitt?

Dr. Stephens: I don't think that's right. At least you can remember someone's name...

John: [Struggling to remember, almost wincing] Ahh! I don't remember anything!

Jane: [Bursts into laughter]

Dr. Stephens: Did I miss something? I don't see anything funny about this?

Jane: No, I'm sorry, It's just that I don't remember anything either, doctor...

Dr. Stephens: Well...

John: Damn

[Scene fades out as the doctor sighs after saying a few unintelligible things to both patients. Cut to angle of John's face appearing worried. Jane is looking equally worried as we can see her face from the same angle looking concernedly upon John who seems to be looking off into space. Scene ends}

[New scene fades in. The original established angle in the hospital is shown. Both patients are still sitting in their beds, but this time they are alone.]

[John takes a sip from his straw and enjoys the meal on his lap]

John: So... Jane...

Jane: [with hesitance] Yes... John?

John: Yeah, I'm sorry, I realize that's probably not your real name. I mean mine's not John either, or at least I don't think so... That doesn't sound right.

Jane: You don't really look like a John

John: [sipping from his straw] What exactly do I look like?

Jane: Well... maybe like a Tyrone or a Jamal...

John: Really? [still sipping]

Jane: I'm sorry [Blushing, clearly embarrassed] That... I didn't mean to be racist or anything. I really just don't think you look like a John. That doesn't mean your name has to be Tyrone though.

John: Oh, 'cause I'm black! No, it's okay, I actually forgot I was black. [Jane looks at him with incredulity] No really, I actually forgot. Just now I did too as a matter of fact until you reminded me.

Jane: Well that's... that's interesting. I guess I forgot I was white too, but I didn't really even think about it.

John: Well, you look like a Jane, Jane. I think its a good name for you. Fits you real well. You know, Jane's a pretty name. Old fashioned, but classic, you know? A really pretty name actually.

Jane: [Smiling] So if the name fits are you saying you find me... attractive?

John: Ha! Well... yeah I guess. That's a spin on it. You're pretty forward!

Jane: I figured you were trying to hit on me. I was just trying to help you out.

John: As long as it's welcome.

[Jane smiles to herself and folds her arms. John proceeds to eat his food for a moment or two]

Jane: So John, how do you think we ended up together?

John: Well, we both were in an accident

Jane: Well, I know that. Of course, John, I just think that the two of us riding in the same car together must have meant something. I mean...do you think we were friends or... co-workers even. Maybe even something else?

John: Like married?

Jane: Ha ha [more words than noise], well, I don't know that it would be my first guess. But don't you think we probably know each other?

John: Hmm, knew each other yeah, probably. Cab drivers don't usually drive two people at the same time unless they're riding together. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

Jane: Makes you wonder

John: It does actually

Jane: So I'm sure we'll find out sooner or later. They're looking for us now. And there's missing persons on it and...

[Dr. Stephens steps through the door and ushers in a gentleman dressed in a peacoat, fedora and well-tailored slacks and shined shoes}

Edgar: John!

Jane: John?

John: Uh, hey uh, yeah, is that me?

Edgar: It is you! Don't you remember? I heard you had a bump on the head and you couldn't quite remember everything quite yet. So how's his progress, doc?

Dr. Stephens: Well, that's...

John: It's okay, Doc

Dr. Stephens: Well, he's, okay, he's recovering well and from what we can see we expect him to make a full recovery.

Edgar: Now this guy just happens to be my best writer! Hands down, flat out, sir. And we've missed yuh, John! Now who's this here with you? Oh, is that Jasmine? Jasmine Ford?

Jane: Jasmine?

Edgar: Yeah, that's you! What are you two both doing here together?

John: Does she work with us?

Edgar: Oh no, ha, oh no! She's your competition. The two of you were chasing down a story together. Wait, were you in the same accident?

Dr. Stephens: They were both found in the back of the same taxi.

Edgar: Oh ho, so you were chasing down that story (which is old news by now) and you both must've gotten tied up in the same accident! [Edgar put his hand on his forehead] Oh boy, that is rich!

Jane: So we're not...friends?

Edgar: You better not be! Doc, whatawe gotta do to get my boy John out of here, huh?

Dr. Stephens: Well, let's talk about it outside for a moment. We'll go over the paperwork together. [Dr. Stephens ushers Edgar out of the room]

Jane: So...

John: Yeah...

Jane: I guess you never know.

John: Look Jane, er, Jasmine. Jasmine? Really? I'm sorry, but look, I really wanted to say I think you're...

Jane: Mhmm. Not friends. I think I remember things now. It's a little vague, but I know who I am now. [Jane gets up and tugs off her IV, and sighs] I think I can figure out my stuff from here. [They shake hands, John with the spoon sticking out of his mouth. Bethany turns to leave]

John: Wait.

Jane: [Pausing mid-step] What?

John: Remember how... you thought we might have been in some kind of a relationship? I mean, you thought there was this possibility we could be...together

Jane: Not exactly, no.

John: Well, you brought it up.

Jane: No, well, I don't know. I mean, I didn't know anything.

John: Yeah, you didn't know anything about me and I didn't know anything about you. And that's all it took for us to be... attracted to each other?

Jane: No

John: Yes!

Jane: No!

John: Well, I was.

Jane: Well, even if I did, you're right, it's because I knew NOTHING about you. Now I do. It's done.

John: But Jane, I like you. I think you like me too

Jane: Not... no, I don't think so...

John: Yeah, you do [Smiling deviously]

Jane: It's not that easy. I remember things now, John. We're competitors. And enemies even!

John: And that's true. But take that stuff aside, that stuff that doesn't matter. Jane, I... It's been a short bit uh time we've known each other. But it's been long enough I know I like you. That other stuff shouldn't matter


[Jane stares thoughtfully at John. It's clear she is torn about something]

[ Fade in to Dr. Stephens entering the room followed by Edgar as they are conversing about the details of John's release. Both suddenly look up alarmed to see Jane and John making out frantically on John's bed, IV's tied up as they clumsily roll around upon the tiny cot]

Edgar: What in the... hell! They lost their minds!

[Scene fades out as the two continue to make out on the bed. The doctor stands in shock and Edgar shakes his head before walking out of the room. End scene.]
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