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The story of a legend as told by those who follow the beliefs it set in motion.
Many years ago when the realm known as earth was still forming its great civilizations, it was also subject to the races known as demons, and angels. Both of these advanced races claimed dominion over the earth and its inhabitants. The angels and demons both made the same pact with the eternal race of death carriers. The pact would have these reapers of the grim harvest to take the souls they gathered from earth to the races with which the pact was made. Because of the split between their crop they began a type of judgment for the departed souls based on how the being lived. The demons soon noticed that angels were obtaining more earthly souls than they, and so their king, Hades, declared war. All beings knew of the great strength of the demon armies and how efficient their forces were. The angels created the only weapons that would be able to pierce demon armor to defend themselves. As the war raged, it quickly spread to earth. To help turn the balance the angles would create religion and grant the leaders of them with a holy power that could repel demons, and the demons spread the powers of dark magic to their human followers. The war grew to be a massive duel of light vs dark, and all the while Lord Death of the reapers continued his work. Soon he would notice that the demons were killing their enemies at a swift rate, but had no efficient means to make new soldiers. He quickly saw opportunity to regain some of his lost gatherings. With alarming speed he traveled to the realm of the demons and told Hades that he and his reapers would join the demons in return for one third of the souls lost in the war. Eager to have the most feared beings in all creation joining with him Hades agreed. Death soon taught the demons how to create monsters out of souls. Each demon chief began to create monsters in the form of their tribes and send them to aid the fight on earth. To further aid the demons Death used his powers over fate to cause plagues and great destruction to befall the land. For many decades it seemed that the demons would win the war. The great council of the gods grew afraid for they knew that the reapers would be able to eventually claim even their souls. One day they saw hope. A lone knight, heavily wounded and cursed by Death. His very soul was poisoned and he was dying slowly. The council gave him a power to temporarily overcome the toxins and live for centuries. They realized that even with their blessings he would not be strong enough to fight even a single demon. They then remembered an angel that had partially fallen from grace. He was not corrupt enough to be considered in any way dark, yet he had lost enough of his holy guards to safely travel to the demon's domain. He was sent to the knight, carrying a bow of mystic ice. During this same time a young demon had been watching what was happening to his home. What was once nothing more than a world of chaos was becoming a great evil due to hatred and greed. He learned of the human religion and began to practice it. Soon he was given enough of a holy guidance that he would be able to leave his world and travel to the holy realm with ease. He, too, was sent to meet the knight. The demon had managed to understand the tricks that Death had shown the king and chiefs of his world. He showed the knight and the angel how to trap a living soul into an object and keep it sealed. Using their newfound power the three snuck to the gates of the demon realm. They knew that to stop the war from escalating they would need to capture the four most important figures. Abedias, who was the gatekeeper and chief of the Gargoyle tribe. Lazarious, the demon of fear, chief of the Naga tribe, and trainer of monsters. Hades, the king of demons and chief of the Da'guun tribe. Their final target would be Death, who had corrupted himself along with the minds of the demons. Death now acted as king's advisor though he tended to remain in the Realm Between. As the trio crossed into the unholy gates they found the gatekeeper, and using their combined power trapped his soul into his tribal pendant. They traveled into the desert where the monster creation pits would be found. Lazarious was found piecing souls together in the palace of serpents. The three heroes captured him in his staff of dreadwood. They next traveled to the palace of flames where the king, Hades, awaited them. after exhausting his powers they contained him in the royal demon ring, with brimstone gem and enchanted gold. After seeing the bravery and skill of the three young misfits Death appeared to them and gave them a false word of congratulations. He then planned to lure them all into his clutches with promises of eternal life and power beyond the gods. Only the demon was not fooled, due to his knowledge of others who had been tricked. Using nearly all the power he had left he independently captured Death in his own scythe. Upon their return to earth they scattered the items so that their power would never be unleashed. A temple was built around each of them and a seal placed for none to enter. The Deathscythe was placed under a special seal that only all three of the other items could break. The reapers quickly returned to their work and formed their own council. With the gods they gave the heroes eternal life to watch over and protect the world from the weapons they had created.
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