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one of my first attempts at creation of Ariel, the first eternal being on earth
"You know he'll never show," a male voice said.

"Trust me, Mike. he'll show," the other one said, then pausing for a second and looking back at the car,"We have something he wants."

"You mean, It's here?"

"What do you think?"

The first guy takes his hands out of his pockets of his trench coat and walks over to the other figure getting in his face.

"Are you that stupid?," he said with obvious fear in his voice, "Listen Jack, this guy, he don't play games. If he thinks we have something he wants, He'll kill us without a thought and take it."

"don't worry about it, Mike." Jack says pushing him back," The boss knows what he's doing."

"We are dead men," mike said, hanging his head," Either way. We are dead. I can't believe you'd do this to us. Whose orders were you following?"

"Who do you think, Mike."

"Why would you accept a job for us without talking with me about it? "

"The question is, why wouldn't you? "

Mike put his hands back into his pockets and begins to back away.

"Because anyone who follows certain orders will end up dead, or worse," A third voice rang out from behind them.

When the two figures turned around they saw a single male figure with dark shoulder length hair, dark eyes, a tattoo across his face, and a black trench coat on standing there , with a deranged smile etched into his face with a Japanese Katana in his hand.

" Now the way I see it, we can do this the easy way," The figured offered," Or the hard way, It's your choice"

"We have been told to do this the hard way," Sean said, pulling a silver pistol from his jacket pocket and fired two shots immediately, hitting the figure dead center in the chest with one shot, and the middle of the forehead with the other.The figure fell like a sack of potatoes. the two men watched the body on the ground for movement, but none was apparent.

"Damn, Sean," The second figure said, " Good shot!"

Sean smiled as he knew his job was done.

"Thanks man," he said turning to go back to his vehicle, "Let's go tell the boss."

The second man nodded and turned to leave.

"Leaving so soon?" a voice spoke from behind the two men.

The two stopped in their tracks, looked at each other, and slowly turned around only to see the figure they just killed standing back up. Once seeing this man, their eyes opened up really wide, indicating the level of fear they both had. Suddenly the two men burst into a sprint, trying to distance them selves from this situation which had gone terribly wrong for them. Sean ran in one direction , the second the other, both of them were running down alleyways, loading docks and the like to put some land between this man. Sean looked behind them and saw nothing following him, but kept running anyway. Sean had been running for nearly ten minuets when he ducked behind a dumpster, his whole body shaking in fear.

The other one ran until he got to the end of the road he was on, it dead ending at the edge of a dock. He turned right and there in front of him was the man they were running from, still holding his sword.

"why are you running?" he asked,"it's only delaying the inevitable."

The young man turned and ran the other way. Only getting about fifty yards away before the man had reached him. In a fit of blinding speed, was successful in separating the running manâs head from his shoulder. The lifeless body tumbling to the ground while the head tumbled till the momentum stopped.The man stood over the corpse, shook his head, and with a fluid movement sheathed his sword and walked out into the darkness.

Sean poked his head out from his hiding spot, and watched the darkness for any signs of movement.

"John you were fucking stupid," He mumbled to himself.

After a few moments of watching he slowly came out of hiding and slowly and carefully made his way back to where his car was parked. Going from shadow to shadow, with slow deliberate movements he arrived back at his car.

Retrieving his keys fro his pocket, Sean moved towards his car. But suddenly stopped

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