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An outline of a story I'm thinking of making, just to show how it might turn out.
"She looked in the mirror ...and I saw myself reflected in her eyes. I had taken control, this wasn't her anymore, and she knew..."

Who I Am focuses on Lilly, a normal girl with people problems, and Shadow, a shapeless entity that shares Lilly's body. Shadow doesn't know where he is, who he is, or what he is, but he's connected to Lilly through an experiment, one that no one will explain, and Lilly doesn't understand.

Lilly starts off 12 years old, with a 8 year old sister and a 16 year old brother. Her family was worried about Lilly having no friends, so they asked a psychiatrist what they should do. Nothing he suggested worked, but they kept trying...until one day, her brother discovered something that could help...an experiment.

When Shadow wakes up, he has no idea what's going on, or who he is, all he knows is how to control his energy in the form of movement, and how to communicate with others. When a doctor decides he need's to run extra tests on Lilly, Shadow becomes weary, and in relation, so does Lilly. the nerves skyrocket when the doctor grabs Lilly, and Shadow tries to help her escape...and causes a burst of energy in the process. Lilly spends weeks getting used to everything Shadow does for her, but they become better friends than anyone could ever be...friends bonded at the soul...

as the years progress, Lilly goes into her teenage phase. She becomes highly emotional, and Shadow doesn't know how to deal with the distress. in response to her hyped-up emotions, Shadow activates more energy, causing her powers to spike. Lilly, reminded she could be dangerous, decides to practice her powers, so that Shadow wasn't the only one that controlled it...

in adulthood, Lilly has mastered communication with Shadow, and with a single thought, Shadow knew what she wanted. It was perfect for jobs, and if she ever got into trouble Shadow helped get her out. but, all good things come to an end, and she's soon challenged to a point where her emotions get out of control...and start effecting Shadow.

she becomes a nightmare, her own worst enemy, and it's all because of Shadow. Lilly seeks help, something she's never had to do, and finds it in the strangest place. what's even stranger, is she needs the ones she could hurt the most to help her...and she needs to do something that shouldn't be possible...

so, that's my outline! do you think it was too much? let me know, and keep a look out! once I can, I'm making this a novel!

note: this is created based on my short story "Who Am I?"
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