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Following the leads from El Dorado
22AUG1889 0300 Hrs.


Engaged a group of pirates aboard the Airship Pentacle 21AUG1889 approximately 2240. After a hard fought battle, we were able to board the Pentacle and overcome the crew. It appears these pirates were actively engaged in smuggling the peculiar chemicals from El Dorado to a location on the Actual Timeline. Their destination was Paris France, June 7, AD 1944, and the shipment was consigned to some fellow named Goering. During some study of the timeline, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor in this instance, and did not travel on to the destination to deal with this fellow.

Having captured a crew of pirates in varying stages of their careers, including three teenage gentlemen who claim their innocence of all wrongdoing in any form I was faced with a bit of a dilemma, This is opposed to a group of five individuals that had barricaded themselves in the hold of the Pentacle and attempted to negotiate with us towards the end of the battle. Once they were overcome, I felt it best to burn them down with lightning gun fire to make an impression on the three young miscreants captured aboard. After a great deal of thought on the matter, the disposition of this situation was as follows:

Pirates, confirmed by recognized tattoos and known criminal records, identified and executed: 23 @ $250 ea. = $5750

Non-compliant individuals from the hold: 5 @ $500 ea. = $2500

In speaking with the three teenagers, I have advised them that we believe them whole heartedly, and I have ensured that they are aware of the piloting procedures for the Pentacle. It is my intent to reinsert them into the Actual Timeline at the following coordinates:

Latitude 32 degrees 44 minutes North X 129 degrees 52 minutes East.

I intend to insert them at 1100 local time at that location on 09AUG1945. That should allow an easy 2 minute margin for my crew to take our ship out of the area, and the chemicals will be taken care of without difficulty.

Precision Tri-Axis piloting of the Airship Pentacle: $1500

Loss of salvage value, Airship Pentacle: $5000

Total for this engagement will be $14,750. Pay me.

Sincerely, Spartacus Kane

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