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This is about My character and my friend's character as detectives. WIP
Vira sat at her desk. It was a slow monday afternoon. She was just filling a case away when Peter, her boss, came over to her desk. "Can I see you in my office please?" He asked her. She got up and followed him. She sat down in the felt chairs that were in front of the old wooden desk. "What did you want captain?" Vira said once she had sat down. "Well.." he turned to her, "...We have a new investigative detective transferring here from New York."
"Well good for them."
"Here is why I called you in here...they are going to be your partner." Vira was a bit surprised by this. "What now?"
"Marked will be working with you on your cases from now on."
"No way! You know I work alone!" Vira said rather loudly. "Well I am sorry, but Marked is one of the most experienced Detectives the states know." Vira looked at Peter angrily. "How "experienced" is she then?" Vira asked, her voice flooded with anger. "Well as I hear from others, she has arrested 6 wanted criminals, busted 7 drug cartels and solved 42 no wait...57 homicides. She also was the one who caught The Reaper serial killer." Vira looked at peter. "So? That's not really impressive. I have heard of other great detectives that have beaten that record." Peter smirked. "Are they alive?" he asked. Vira hesitated before replying,"No..." Her eyes where cold when she looked at Peter. "Marked is the only Investigative Detective in the world right now that is well known. You should feel lucky Vira, she is like a celebrity and you get to work with her." Peter said in an attempt to cheer Vira up. It didn't work. "Well whatever. I won't be working well with her...she can do her own thing while I do mine." And with that, she left the office. Peter called after her. "Vira, Marked will be here tomorrow when you get here in the morning." Vira scoffed. She walked back to her desk. "Why does this happen to me?" she asked herself. She sighed and shut her computer down. She grabbed her coat and clocked out.

Vira arrived home around 6 o'clock pm. She walked up the stairs to her apartment. When she got to the door, she checked her pocket for her key...which was not there. "Ah where did I put it?" She rummaged in her coat pockets and her wallet. "Ah great...I left it on my desk again." Vira marched angrily down the steps. She was about to get in her car and drive back to the office when someone tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me, Ma'am? I think you dropped this." Vira turned around at the sound of the smooth voice. There stood a blonde woman with her hair in a tail and vibrant blue eyes. She wore a gray trench coat with a copper shirt with a blue tie. She smiled from ear to ear. She held up a key. "You dropped this. " The woman held out Vira's key. Vira took it. "Thanks." she said coldly. She locked her car and walked up the stairs. The blonde girl followed. Vira unlocked the door and walked inside. She walked to her door and unlocked it. The blonde hair girl walked past to the door next to Vira's. She looked over to where Vira was standing. She smiled,"Looks like we are neighbors. I'll be seeing you lots." The blonde woman grinned widely. Vira rolled her eyes and went inside her apartment and slammed the door. After the noise of the slam faded, she could hear the door outside hers being closed. Vira could tell she didn't like that girl already. She was too hyper and happy. Vira sighed and stopped thinking about it and went to get ready for bed.

The next morning when Vira got into the office, she had just barely set her breakfast and coffee down when Peter called her into his office. Vira walked in the office to see a tall man with brown hair to his jaw, waring a dark blue suit. Standing next to him was a blonde woman. Vira looked at the blonde woman and was shocked bit. It was the annoying girl she met yesterday! Vira didn't show her shock though. Peter spoke first and broke the silence,"So Vira, This is Jayner and Marked, your new partner." Vira was a bit more surprised now. 'Marked is a woman?!' she thought to her self. Marked spoke in her smooth voice,"Well I guess meeting you yesterday was fate." She smiled at Vira. Jayner spoke now in a deep, husky voice," Well My daughter looks forward to working with you." He gave a light smile as well. Suddenly, the phone on Peters desk rang. Peter answered,"Hello, This is the Investigation Bureau of Washington, how can I help you?" A voice was heard from the other end. "Ok...I'll send my people down to check it out." Peter said. He hung the phone up and looked at Vira and Marked. "Looks like you'll be working together sooner than you thought." Peter said. "What happened?" Marked asked. "Well...a body was found in basement of a drugstore." Marked got up quickly. "Well then there is no time to waist then is there!" She darted out the room. Vira rolled her eyes as she left the room.
Vira arrived at the drug store where the body was found. A few police cars where around along with a nice blue Sedan . She walked over to one of the officers and held up her ID. " detective Vira of the Washington Police Department. Where is the body?"
"Inside." Said the cop. She nodded and walked in. To her dismay, Marked was already there, questioning the owner. Vira's eyes turned cold. She walked very briskly up to the owner and cut right into Marked's integration with him. "Hi. I'm Detective Vira with the Washington Police Department." She held up her badge. "Hello." Said the store clerk. "What can you tell me about the body?" Vira asked, her eyes cold. "Well uh, I already told every thing I know to her." He pointed to Marked, who was standing there, looking a bit pleased. Vira became so enraged. How dare this 'girl' steal her ranking and spot light! Was she trying to make a fool of Vira? Marked smiled over at Vira and held up a pad with notes scribbled upon it. "I wrote every thing down." She said, cheerfully. Vira's eyes turned colder. She was so distraught that Marked had stolen her spotlight. She turned on her heels and left the store. The clerk was confused. "What's wrong with her?" Marked turned and smiled at the clerk. "Beats me. Thanks for your cooperation." And with that she left.
When Marked emerged from the drug store, Vira's red convertible was already gone. She shrugged, "You can win them all." she said to her self. She got into her blue Sedan and drove back to the bureau.

Vira was at her desk, furiously working when Marked arrived. She sat down at her desk and took off the long gray coat and placed on the back of her chair. Vira didn't bother to look up. Marked looked over at her. 'Hmm what ever did I do wrong?' she asked her self. Marked sighed and picked up her note pad and went to Peter's office. Vira looked up to peer into the square windows of the office. She could she Marked and Peter talking but she couldn't tell what they where saying. Was it about the case? Was in about her? She wanted to know. Not a second later, Marked walked out with a smile. Peter came to the door. "Vira, I have something for you, could you come here please?" Vira got up and walked into the office. Peter closed the door. "Well, what is it?" Vira said as soon as the door was closed. Peter went to his desk and picked up a note pad. It was the same one Marked had. "Marked wanted me to give you this." He held it out to her. "Well why couldn't she give to me her self?" She snatched the pad.
"I don't know, you tell me." Peter said, his lips in a firm line. Vira shrugged. "Vira, come on. You might as well be nice to her as best you can, she is going to be your partner for a long while." Peter said. "I never wanted this! You know that! I work best alone not when people are getting in my way."
"Well then I don't know what to take you off the case and suspend you. I'm not going to re-assign you ether nor am I your parent, you can ether learn to work with her or be suspended ." Peter said. Vira was so angry. Her problems were all centered around Marked, it was her fault! Vira unclipped her badge and took out her gun and placed both on the desk then proceeded to walk to the door. Just before she reacted it, Peter said," You're giving up that easily? Where is the Vira that fought for what she wanted?"Vira turned her head to look back with cold eyes. Peter's eyes looked a bit sad. Vira scoffed and walked out. She grabbed her coat and walked out quickly. Marked was siting at her desk when she saw Vira leave so suddenly. She saw that she left with the note pad in her hand. Marked smiled and went back to typing on her computer.

Vira got into her red convertible and drove to her apartment. She went in side and slammed the door and thew every thing on the ground. She then noticed out of the conner of her eye something bright blue. She bent over to pick it up. It was in side the note pad that Marked had given Peter to give her. It was a blue sticky note and on it read. "I'm not really sure what I have done to upset you so. I'm just trying to help. I know a good detective when I see one and I would say that you are good. I never meant to steal your spotlight. I'm just doing what I know how to do. I apologize." Signed at the bottom was a fancy M. Vira knew who it was from. She opened the pad and inside was the notes she had taken from the crime seen all neatly organized. Vira looked them over. "Clerk said he found the body when he went to get ice from the basement that morning. Didn't find an ID so victim is John Doe. 3 Gun shot wounds to chest from just looking. Must examine body further." The notes where written in a cursive print. Vira thought about it. "Hmm gun shots huh? Sound like a homicide." Vira picked up her coat and the things she threw on the floor. She grabbed her keys and headed back to the office.

Marked was still at her desk when Vira came back in. She smiled and waved at Vira. Vira gave a small nod and walked to Peter's office. Her gun and badge were still on his desk. She walked in. "Ah I see you've changed your mind." Peter said as her walked passed her. She jumped a bit at the sound of his voice behind her. "Gees! Don't do that and yes I changed my mind but that doesn't mean that I will like it." She said. Peter nodded. "Well thanks for reconsidering." He picked up her badge and gun and held them out to her. Vira took them. "Thanks." She said. He nodded.

When Vira walked out of the office, Marked was waiting by her desk. She was sitting in her chair. Vira walked over and tapped Marked on the shoulder. " Ahem. Pardon me your in my seat." Marked looked at Vira like she had done something guilty. "Oh I'm sorry." Marked said. She got up from the chair. Vira sat down. "So...Did ya read my notes?" Marked said, hope in her voice. Vira looked at her and nodded. "So what is your opinion?" Marked asked. "Homicide." Vira said. Marked smiled. "Now we are getting somewhere. They brought the body in about 3 mins after you left if you want to go and check it out." Marked said with a smile on her face. Vira nodded again. Marked grabbed her coat. "Let's go then."
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