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A disturbed computer security expert creates a program with a sick, twisted purpose.
Preston Orrick


The clock turned to 7a.m. Benjamin Grim parted the curtains slightly to let in the first few rays of morning light. He winced at the forthcoming brightness and shielded his eyes, letting his vision gradually adjust.

An oncoming chime from the street excited him as he uncovered his eyes and adjusted the office chair for optimum viewing. His palms were clammy as he slumped into the soft leather and unzipped his pants. Ripe with anticipation, he waited for another chime before slipping his hand into his pants.

Arching his head, he could see the young girl approaching on her bicycle.

Right on time, he thought.

A feeling of exhilaration rushed through him as he took hold with a clenched fist, starting slow then gradually moving faster and faster.

The girl passed by, a smile on her youthful face, clearly unaware of his watchful eye. He gritted his teeth and tightened his grip, forcing a thin line of sweat to the surface of his brow.

Standing, he watched the girl pass by, cursing and violently kicking the chair behind him for more standing room. In an awkward motion, he moved to the left side of the window, watching her ride so gracefully. Faster now, he could feel the tension about to burst. His vision turned cloudy and he felt lightheaded, tightening his grip as hard as he could. The few seconds of bliss overtook him as he came and moaned, soiling the wooden floor at his feet. His breathing slowed as his muscles relaxed.

Zipping his pants back up, he stepped forward to press his cheek against the glass. It was cold, but he didn't care.

Too late, the girl was out of sight.

Not enough.

Looking back at the swivel chair, Benjamin quickly righted it and sat down.

Punching a fist into the cushioned armrest, he cursed again. "She's mine!"

He gazed around the room for any kind of retort to his anguish, but found none. His vision faltered as he let his head slump against the chair. It seemed hard to relax, the short-lived sensation only infuriating him more. 

The twelve-year-old girl's name revolved in his head: Laurie Prescott, the subject of his desire. Sporting the cutest freckles and delicate curves, she was beautiful and pure. He wanted her, and nobody would stop him from having her.

More rays of sunlight pierced through the window, reminding him of his spilled seed nearby. He stood once more and grabbed a fresh towel from the bathroom.

With the mess cleaned up, he rolled the chair back in front of the computer, pushing aside month-old IT contracts nearing their deadline. Firing up both monitors, the one at his left blinked on first, revealing a splurge of new chat windows. On the other, a picture of Laurie.

His fingers rubbed along the screen, pretending she was here with him now. Her dark brown hair looked so lovely, perfectly matched with her charismatic blue eyes.

Another chat window popped into view on the screen from a 'whiteredminx', prompting an automatic reply. Benjamin studied the screen, noting other screen names: 18Falonehorny, BoneLimone, 13Fbored, 24Mny, SusieQ.

'whiteredminx' immediately asked, ASL? It was an age old term, meaning age-sex-location.

Benjamin's latest pet project, Charly, had already responded to all of them with varying responses. The conversations, most of the time, turned too sexual and disturbing for most. Charly was unique in that he (if you can call a computer program 'he') showed uniquely immoral and obscene imagery.

Charly had linked 'whiteredminx' to one video of many in its massive database. 'whiteredminx' responded swiftly: "Holy shit, is that real?"

Charly replied, "Of course."

A tiny string of dialogue appeared indicating 'whiteredminx' had closed the chat window.

Most couldn't handle what Charly had to offer or were scared off by what they thought was surely child porn or snuff being transmitted. Continuing to run his fingers along Laurie's pixelated hair with one hand, Benjamin uploaded her newest image into Charly's database.

Another one for you to play with.

With a click of the mouse, a video was generated using every piece of data related to Laurie Prescott. Benjamin irritably tapped his finger against the keyboard, waiting for the process to finish.

More sunlight saturated the room, enough now that it was becoming an annoyance. With a twist of the curtain rod, the opposing fabrics swung shut and his office was a dark getaway again.

Benjamin glanced at his dusty computer programming awards hanging above his desk. Looking at them only reminded him of his life before shunning the outside world. It was a distraction that swayed him from his current course. A course that needn't be disrupted by trivial matters.

With a soft chime, the preview was finished and began playing, complete with authentic sound and video. Benjamin eagerly ran to the screen and watched as a realistic Laurie Prescott sat on a blue chair in a barren room. She was wearing a red-and-white schoolgirl outfit, staring off into space as an unknown man walked into the room. He was shirtless, his athletic body accented by a pair of blue jeans.

Benjamin eased into the seat and watched with fervent anticipation.

Laurie clearly looked underage as she shied away at the man's advances. She tried to run but the man effortlessly stopped her with one hand. Laurie didn't scream even as she looked terrified.

Benjamin could feel himself getting hard watching her give in to his fondling.

After some delicate touching and caressing, Laurie was undoing the man's belt.

Benjamin watched the act unfold as if it were a real porn film, complete with deep moans, close-ups and different camera angles. Laurie had fully undressed and did whatever the man wanted her to, gradually looking more experienced, almost like she had done this before.

Benjamin drooled as he watched, imagining himself in the man's place. It took all of his willpower to keep from masturbating as the twenty-two minute clip faded to black.

Charly hadn't been active for a full day yet, and already his system was proving itself impeccable. Any fantasy, any dream, any desire, Charly could show any taboo, and it would look authentic.

Benjamin felt empowered. To see oneself committing any act without actually committing them yielded a certain power, a certain satisfaction.

Tapping a key closed the chat windows to reveal the digital lobby, filled with numerous users posting pay-per-click ads to webcam shows and endless posts about being bored, horny or bi-curious.

"Alone and need to chat," Charly would post every so often in the lobby. It garnered a response each and every time.

Another window popped up from a 'roxyfoxy.'

roxyfoxy: "hey hun, r u bored?"

Charly: "duhh lol."

roxyfoxy: "ASL?"

Charly: "jus watchin vidz.."

roxyfoxy: "oh yea, like wut?"

And off Charly went, relaying a different video. This one was more vicious, showing a gang rape by four hooded men of three teen schoolboys, all from schools in the area. Predictably, 'roxyfoxy' closed the chat window minutes later.

As impressive as his project was, this was simply child's play. It was time to really put Charly to good use.

Laurie was beautiful, so beautiful that she deserved to be seen by the world. Setting Charly to run in the background, Benjamin clicked open a folder labeled 'Laurie.' In it was everything he had researched about her, from her daily schedule to her academic history.

Laurie wore no uniform to school, just plain clothes any kid her age would wear, so he had to do a little digging. Her social media presence was severely lacking, so after some hacking, he had come upon her school photo linked to Rockhall Middle School.

Jittery with excitement, Benjamin cracked his knuckles before directing Charly to Rockhall Middle's website. Immediately, Charly set to work on cracking the webpage and putting a single video in its place. A secondary task was also added to seek out any social media presence linked to Rockhall Middle's web site and post the video.

Soon, he thought, everyone will see how beautiful you really are.

Benjamin excitedly rubbed his hands together and clicked open Laurie's picture again. Each time he looked at her, he couldn't help but imagine her nude. With a face as pretty as hers, he imagined a precious body to match.

With Charly now active, he could have just as easily rendered a nude digital picture of her. And yet, he enjoyed imagining how her exquisite body looked under those clothes in reality. There was something appealing about seeing both her naked and clothed body.

My body.

His heart accelerated as the live preview of the school's web site wiped itself out into darkness. A loading bar appeared momentarily. With the second task under way, Benjamin hid everything on the screen except the school's web site. After a quick refresh, all that remained of the web site was a single video that filled the screen. Auto-play and auto-repeat were enabled as blackness faded in to show Laurie sitting in the blue chair from before.

It was even better a second time. Benjamin couldn't help himself this time and rigorously unzipped his pants. He gnashed his teeth and watched the man overtake the girl, thrusting her any way he wanted. Her moans sounded better, the sex more intense.

His hand was almost numb by the time the video ended.

"I love you," he whispered.

Benjamin wiped his hands clean then ran his fingers along Laurie's digital image again. So beautiful.

They could all see her beauty now. Her classmates, her teachers—the world.

He let himself relax in his chair again, the leather compressing under his back. He thought of her as he closed his eyes, wanting tomorrow to come quicker. They would all want her after this, but only he would be the first to claim her.

His thoughts morphed into dreams. And what lovely dreams they were.

Laurie was there, marveling at him as he undressed, begging for more as he thrust himself back inside her again and again. It was so nice. He was nearly about to cum inside her a second time. That is, until a splitting headache returned him to the conscious world.

He woke up on the wooden floor under his computer desk. It wasn't the first time. Rubbing at his eyes, he punched at the floor and stood. Why did it have to end?

Looking at the clock on the wall, he had slept well into the afternoon. A flurry of activity logs on the computer monitor was waiting for him, displaying every unique visitor to Rockhall Middle's website as well as any attempt to restore the webpage.

Benjamin sneered. Charly had made quick work of their efforts, effectively stonewalling any interlopers and keeping the video in its place. After all, it was his decision to take the video down. He smiled and relished in the graphic sex on display. Laurie was currently bent over the chair, spreading herself for the shirtless man. The camera switched to a close-up, showcasing Laurie's gorgeous vagina.

As good as it felt to watch, it wasn't doing him any good to repeatedly indulge in this wonderful loss of innocence. He wanted the real thing.

Checking more of the recorded activity logs, Benjamin discovered online media had already taken to the obscene imagery, posting short news snippets with plenty of public comments, most of them laden with disgust and shock.

Benjamin read a few, giggling to himself. How can you not recognize something so beautiful in front of you?

Clicking both monitors off, Benjamin readied a bountiful supper, having missed breakfast and lunch. He barely blinked as he ate, his face stricken with delight thinking about Laurie.


He was tempted to gaze at her digital image one last time, but decided against it and went to sleep early. Setting his alarm for 6:15a.m., he downed two sleeping pills and nestled into bed. He would dream of Laurie the rest of the night, savoring the intoxicating allure of their love.

A loud ringing, like a hammer to his skull, roused Benjamin. With an annoyed groan, he slapped the alarm clock quiet. Even in the muted light of the room, the walls seemed brighter, the abstract paintings happier.

Benjamin wolfed down his breakfast, impatient for the clock to move faster. Today, she would be his.

Forgoing a shower, he sat back in his chair and turned on both monitors. The activity logs had nearly tripled, listing multiple news outlets.

Clicking one, a browser opened to a local news affiliate, displaying a short article and video concerning Laurie Prescott's detestable imagery going viral. Judging by the video, police had gotten involved, mentioning some fancy IT team enacted to tracking the culprit down.

Benjamin laughed at the man spouting technical terms like he knew what he was talking about. It would take the authorities months to crack through his bulletproof security, and even then, they would be led to multiple locations far from his home.

Time passed, with Benjamin sitting by the window, glancing every so often at Laurie's digital picture behind him. His heart beat wavered every so often as he thought of her close to him, feeling her body from head to toe.

The time was nearing 7a.m. His eyes were affixed near the window, watching for any sign of activity. Like usual, there were only a few passersby. This time, however, no bicycle came. Benjamin's palms turned into fists, his whole body tensing as he waited.

The faint sound of a car approached. Benjamin's street was residential and quiet, with a meager amount of traffic. As the car's engine signaled its approach, he pressed his forehead against the window pane, breathing irregularly and creating fog on the glass.

Then, he saw her as the oddly shaped car, most likely a fancy hybrid, drove past. Laurie was sitting in the back seat, accompanied by her parents in the front. Benjamin's eyes turned wide and he jumped to his feet.

Shit, shit, shit! He had to have her, and have her now. Not tomorrow, not the day after, today. 

Sprinting through the house, he forcibly exhaled as he ran, like a fish out of water. Seeing the keys on the wall by the garage door, he was reminded how long it had been since he had actually left his house.

Swinging open the door into the garage, he reached around and punched the button to raise the aluminum garage door. Keys in hand, he unlocked the door of the car and practically jumped inside. Praying the battery hadn't died, he turned the key as the car roared to life. With a light tapping of the accelerator, he reversed to the edge of the garage door.

He shouted, slapping his hands against the wheel. "Come on, come on!"

The garage door cleared and he sunk his foot into the accelerator, racing backwards into the lawn. Bright sunlight greeted him, forcing him to wince and adjust. He already missed his dark-lit office. With the automatic stick in 'Drive', he tore furrows in his front lawn, kicking up grass and dirt in his wake.

She was his to have, his to savor, his to enjoy. The video of the man in blue jeans played in his head, his frantic turn of the wheel swerving the car onto the street. Spouting instructions to his voice-activated GPS, he set a course for Rockhall Middle School.

Accelerating through stop signs, he cursed at the few pedestrians attempting to use the crosswalks. A soft spoken female voice told him to make his next right and he did so, swinging into a dangerous turn that prompted an angry honk from an oncoming car.

Benjamin's face was red, his palms clammy, his heart racing like it would burst out of his chest. Glancing at the GPS display, he could see Rockhall was only five minutes away. He would have her soon enough.

Barreling down another quiet, residential street, he spotted the unmistakable contoured shape of the car carrying Laurie. He shouted with triumph, jamming his foot against the accelerator.

Driving alongside them now, he watched Laurie stare back at him with a most confused look. He smiled back at her, savoring how lovely she looked. Her hair was even more stunning than he remembered the day previous.

She looked away, clearly off put by his stare. Accelerating past the car, the parents watched him with confused looks. They didn't know yet that their daughter was meant for him.

Taking a deep breath, he swerved the wheel, careening in front of the Prescott family's car before slamming on his brakes. In a split second, metal slammed against metal in a thunderous boom as both cars practically halted in their tracks. Benjamin's head slammed against the headrest as his body rocked under the seat belt. The back windshield shattered behind him. Temporarily out of breath, Benjamin spent a few minutes recovering, his head spinning.

Inhaling several times, Benjamin shoved the airbag aside and exited the vehicle. His whole body felt like Jell-O as he staggered to reach Laurie.

The hood of their car had been crunched inward, with thin trails of smoke rising from within. The front windshield had spider-webbed and nearly cracked. Reaching the back door, he grabbed the handle more out of support to steady himself.

"God damn it," Benjamin said, repeatedly lunging at the handle. The force of the impact had sandwiched the doors shut. Running to the opposite side, he kicked at the glass, hurting himself more than the glass.

Cursing, he walked back to his car and grabbed a wooden baseball bat from the back seat. The parents were mumbling something, still appearing dazed like Laurie. Ignoring them, he headed for the back door opposite Laurie.

Hitting the window once cracked parts of the glass, sending ripples throughout. Laurie had recovered enough to sprawl backward. He noticed her squirms and looked through the glass, smiling at her.

"Shhh, everything's okay."

With another swing of the bat, Laurie screamed at the top of her lungs, scrambling with the door handle, having no luck. Three more hard strikes and the window smashed inward. The material was different than glass, bending more instead of outright breaking.

Laurie continued to scream and kick at him as he flattened the glass to get to her.

"Stop it! I'm here for you."

With one hand on the baseball bat, Benjamin grabbed one of Laurie's legs with the other, yanking it through the window. The parents were coming to now, most notably the dad, who grabbed Laurie's arm.

"Let her go!" Benjamin yelled, whacking the father's hand with the bat. The man retracted in horror, nursing his hand. Throwing the bat on the ground, Benjamin grabbed Laurie's other leg and pulled it through. She screamed and clawed at him, wrapping her hands around the front headrest.

With a forceful lunge, Benjamin pulled the rest of her out and onto the asphalt with a light thud. A door opened on the other side and Benjamin realized the dad was coming for him.

With the baseball bat back in hand, Benjamin yanked Laurie up by the throat and dragged her toward his car. Raising the bat behind him, the dad saw Benjamin's sinister motion and backed off.

"I'll break her skull if you try anything," Benjamin threatened, dragging Laurie to the passenger side of his car. He could see the mom fumbling with her cell phone, probably calling 911.

His considerable lust for Laurie was too strong. Benjamin didn't care at this point. He would have her, if only for a short time.

He released Laurie close to the door and set his foot into her neck, pinning her there.

"What the hell do you want?" The father stood in place, boring his eyes into Benjamin's. He ignored the dad, opened the door and lifted Laurie into the seat.

A flash, like that of a camera, came from inside the other car.

Benjamin ignored it and ran to the driver's side, still holding the bat in a striking manner.

"She's mine now," he said, re-entering his car.

Twisting the ignition key back and forth, the car struggled to start. It didn't help matters much that Laurie, after a failed attempt at unlocking the child-locked door, attempted to scratch his face. 

Benjamin awkwardly kept her at bay with one hand, restraining himself from whacking her with the bat. He simply couldn't do that to her. She was his love, after all.

In the rearview mirror approached the maddened father, using the opportunity to open the door and grab Benjamin by the neck. With one hand still on the key, Benjamin took his hand off Laurie and fought off her father's strong grip.

Benjamin's face burned as Laurie scratched at his cheek and her dad's grip around his neck tightened. Out of sheer luck, the car started and he slammed a foot against the accelerator. Sounds of scratching metal from behind him signaled the two cars separating.

The hand around his neck instantly let go and the father slid out of sight. Laurie screamed for her father as Benjamin shut the door.

"Shut up!" Benjamin grabbed her by the neck. "I love you. I don't want to hurt you."

She complied, lowering her hands. He looked into her eyes filling with tears and soiling her makeup.

He released his grip and wiped the mascara away. "You don't need makeup. You're beautiful as you are."

"And you're sick. What do you want with me?" She retorted, visibly holding back the urge to cry hysterically.

"I want you," he smiled. "I've always wanted you."

She edged as far back as she could against the door and held her knees close to her chest. He couldn't help but admire how lovely she looked even in fright. Looking in the rearview mirror, Laurie and her father had given his face quite a beating, rife with long cuts and a bloodied neck.

A sound like a bird chirped from within Laurie's pocket. The young girl didn't reach for it at first. She wouldn't have to.

After a quick rummage through her pocket, Benjamin gripped the cell phone in one hand. The display read, 'Unknown.' Laurie glanced over, first at him then at the phone. She reached for it but he slapped her hand away.

Tapping the green icon, he held the phone up to his ear.

"Who is this?"

"Are you going to fuck her?" The voice was blatantly devoid of any emotion, reminiscent of automated voicemail machines.

Benjamin was taken aback, puzzled at first then paranoid somebody was somehow watching him.

It took him a few minutes before he spoke again.

"What are you playing at?" he answered, darting his eyes at the neighborhood passing by.

The voice was quick to respond. "I can watch."

He hung up the phone, contemplating the words. Laurie held one hand out. "Who was it?"

He ignored her, unrolled the window and threw the phone out.

"Hey!" Laurie lurched forward, baring more courage than he had anticipated.

Benjamin shoved her back. "You don't need it, my love. You have me now."

Benjamin reached a hand to touch her hair. This time, she slapped his hand away. Benjamin clenched his fist and punched the dashboard.

"You will regret that," he said. The GPS led him back to the house, with a pleasantly mute Laurie beside him.

Back in the garage, Benjamin gleefully walked to the passenger side and opened the door. He reactively held up his hands, expecting claws and kicks. And yet, Laurie sat there, frozen and staring into space.

Remembering her disobedient slap, he grabbed her by the hair and forced her out of the car. She screamed and grabbed at his hands. With a kick, the car door shut closed.

Benjamin pulled her along into the house with outright impatience. He couldn't wait any longer, he had to have her now. Her yelling only reinforced his erection as she struggled all the way into his dark office.

A sofa waited for them by the back wall. It was perfect. Laurie dug her nails into his wrists. Benjamin yelped and kicked her in the stomach, captivated by her heaving and coughing.

Unzipping his pants, he shoved her onto the couch. "This is what you want, what you've always wanted."

She knew what he was doing and tried to fight, hands outstretched with feet kicking. Grabbing her neck once more, he pinned her down and yanked at her pants. They didn't budge.

Reaching one hand around to her crotch, he pushed his body weight into hers and undid both button and zipper. She screamed in terror, begging for him to stop. He couldn’t. His fingers ran down into her panties and felt the warmth within. It was his to take.

Getting off of her, he flipped her around and with both hands, slipped her pants and panties off. Her nude bottom was a sight to behold. Such a sight it was that he began drooling.

Laurie tried to run but he caught and threw her back down. Flinging his pants down and lowering his underwear, he forced himself on her, savoring the moment before he would plunge inside her vagina. Her shouts against his chest were exhilarating. He eased forward, ready to take her.

"She is yours." There it was again, that monotone, emotionless voice. 

Benjamin looked back, expecting someone to be there. That same old darkness, lit only by the computer monitors, greeted him.

"Who's there?" he asked, his erection slowly going limp.

Both monitors suddenly shut off and came back on by themselves. Benjamin eased himself off of Laurie, even as she struggled more. The monitors changed simultaneously to the video of Laurie in the blue chair.

"I'm watching." The voice said as the man in blue jeans walked into the room.

A swift kick from Laurie knocked Benjamin off guard and he landed on the carpet. With a shriek, Laurie tore across the room only to find the door locked. She cried, repeatedly trying the handle with no luck.

Benjamin rose to his feet, stripping off his shirt now. She saw him advancing and ran toward the window. She wouldn't make it. Benjamin leapt in her way and she tumbled over him and onto the floor.

Cracking his knuckles, he admired her bare buttocks in the dim light.

"I love you," he said, taking his time to delicately stretch himself across her body. Running his fingers along her spine, she struggled against his weight. With just one thrust, he would be inside her.

"They're coming." The voice from within the computer interrupted the mood once again.

With an almost inhuman roar, Benjamin was on his feet and deliberately stomping to the monitors. Grabbing one, he prepared to smash it to pieces. Then, the monitor flickered to black then back to a video of Laurie engaging in oral sex with the same unknown man.

"No, she's mine!" He roared, ripping the monitor free of its cords and throwing it at the back wall above the sofa. Pieces of plastic burst apart as the monitor smashed against the wall and careened onto the floor. Laurie cowered by the door, and he noticed she had put her panties back on.

He stalked toward her again, finally ready to take her. But he hesitated upon hearing a faint rumble coming from the garage, followed by voices. Benjamin faltered, taking a step back.

"They're coming," the voice repeated, but Benjamin ignored it and instead ran to pick up Laurie. More scratching of the arms and she was wriggling under his arm. Taking his time, he walked backward, his eyes fixated on the door. The voices approached, becoming nothing more than whispers until reaching the door.

"Benjamin Grim, we know you're in there. Bring the girl and come out peacefully."

Police. They had found him, Laurie's mother had made sure of that.

Benjamin said nothing, temporarily distracted by the flowery scent of Laurie's hair. He hadn't seemed to notice it until now. Like Laurie, the aroma was perfect.

The remaining monitor to his left clicked off and on, this time showing him holding Laurie.

What the fuck?

Benjamin looked around the room. There had to be a camera somewhere. It had been watching him and following him for some time.

A loud boom startled him and he released Laurie, thinking the cops had broken in the door. But upon second look, it had come from his computer. Benjamin watched the monitor as three policemen entered the room and proceeded to rip Laurie away from him.

The camera angles began to change erratically. It was enough to see all three cops engaging in hardcore sex with Laurie, who seemed to be deeply enjoying it.

The scenes infuriated Benjamin. "She's mine!"

With a boom louder than the last, a formidable policeman ran into the room, having shattered the lock. Benjamin didn't move, watching Laurie, his one true love, run away from him and into the cop's arms.

"Filthy bastard, you can't have her," Benjamin sneered at the cop. Two more cops entered the room, their arms outstretched holding stun guns. They looked at him with disgust.

"Down on the ground, now!" yelled one of the cops.

He scowled at Benjamin, who was once again distracted, watching the monitor with profound contempt as Laurie continued her sexual romp with the three men.

The cop moved closer out of the corner of Benjamin's eye. "Don't move," the man said gruffly, moving around to Benjamin's back. In front of him, Laurie was taken away by the cop. A set of cold handcuffs wrapped around his hands and forced them together.

"Charly," Benjamin whispered, looking at the monitor with a certain longing.

"What'd you say?" demanded the cop, looking at the monitor as well, having previously ignored it.

The monitor seemed to recognize the cop's glance, changing to a scene of him in bed with three women. This cop was, in fact, a married man. The scene fast-forwarded to him engaging in sex with all three of the women. The cop looked away, not sure of what he was seeing.

With only a towel wrapped around his private parts, Benjamin lost sight of his office as he was led into a police cruiser. His home faded into the distance as they drove away.

A short time later, everyone from criminal investigators to security experts scoured Benjamin's home. There was a minimalist feel to the home, with everything from plates to pictures arranged in a certain way. Black-out curtains covered every window, shrouding rooms in near total darkness. Sunlight poured into the house as each curtain was removed and boxes upon boxes of items were hauled away.

A background check on Benjamin revealed graduation from MIT with top honors preceding a long history with some of the top computer security contractors in the nation. His work had garnered many awards, and being in such high demand over the years, he had gradually moved away from offices to working remotely. Something, it seemed, had snapped.

The most notable item previously in Benjamin's possession was his home computer, the mastermind behind the already notorious video of Laurie Prescott.

Even after disabling the home's internet and leaving his home bare, the immoral video remained on the school's website, unable to be removed by the best and brightest computer security experts.

Examining the hard drive procured nothing. It had somehow wiped itself clean, becoming unrecoverable. Eventually, the infamous Laurie Prescott video mysteriously removed itself from the Rockhall Middle website, restoring the school's webpage.

After being tried for kidnapping and solicitation of a minor, Benjamin was sentenced to eighteen years in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Now in a jail cell he was forced to call home, Benjamin laid on the paper thin mattress, twiddling his thumbs and staring at the plain ceiling. His cell mate, whom he learned had been convicted for third degree murder, snored below on the bottom bunk. The man had quite a temper, though it rarely evolved into outright violence. Benjamin hated the sound, but being considerably lighter than the gruff man, had no choice but to endure.

There had been some rumors floating about in the prison concerning a variety of videos popping up during their one-hour movie session allotted once per week.

Benjamin's group had finished one movie and started an obscure horror movie.

In his jail cell, Benjamin waited for what he had to hear daily: footsteps advancing down the hall, stopping at different points each time. He sat up and gently hopped to the floor, making sure to keep quiet so as to not wake his cellmate.

That telltale jiggle of keys approached until the guard stopped to see him standing, waiting.

"Well, aren't we chipper today?" noted the guard with a forced smirk.

Benjamin nodded. Why shouldn't he try to be happy? Getting to watch anything in prison was like going to Disneyland, albeit without the high price tag.

Taking his seat in the small projection room among fifteen other inmates, Benjamin waited for the clock on the wall to strike the first of the hour. The lights went dim and the projector started.

Right on time.

A scene from the week previous continued right where it had left off. A woman with a completely bandaged head lay in a hospital bed after surviving a vicious attack by a ritualistic killer. With her tongue having been cut out, she struggled to talk to an investigator before dying. The acting was mediocre, to say the least.

The projector began to glitch. At first, the scene flashed too irregularly to recognize anything. Benjamin looked around the room, waiting for the problem to hopefully be fixed. The other inmates glared back at the projector, cursing and shouting at the guard working the machine feeding the movie in via satellite.

Soon, the glitching ceased, until the projection screen showed an overhead shot of the prison cafeteria. There was no mistaking the triangular floor patterns and the orange-white benches. The room was empty at first, quiet like back in his cell. Then, the projector cut to a host of activity with shrieks, some terrible and others blissful.

Benjamin studied the graphic scene, his senses tingling as he watched the very same inmates sitting amongst him raping female prison guards he had never seen before. Some objected to the molestation while others were clearly enjoying it. Bodies were bent over benches, held against the wall, riding on the floor, clothes torn, belts thrown, blood and spit smeared on the floors and walls amid the deranged orgy.

It was a chaotic scene, enthralling Benjamin and the other inmates in the room. Some around him began to violently masturbate, trying as hard as they could to cum before the guards ordered them to stop with the threat of a baton beating.

Benjamin looked over the scene once more and found himself fornicating with two female guards. Sitting on one of the benches in the cafeteria, his mirrored self had his back previously turned to the camera.

"Charly," he whispered, smiling at the projection screen. 

The turbulent scene began to glitch again as the guard in the projection room continued his cursing tirade, fumbling with the power cord. On came the lights as the projector switched off. Disgruntled moans from the inmates reverberated back to their respective jail cells as movie hour was cut short.

Benjamin was overjoyed by what he had seen. His pet project had survived, had followed him somehow.

My legacy, Benjamin thought to himself.

There was no doubt in his mind Charly would be watching over him, and waiting for his sentence to be over. That is, if he made it out alive.

Laying on the top bunk once more, he closed his eyes, fantasizing about Laurie. She, too, would be waiting.
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