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A ceo who is secretly a vampire,a grungy 50s themed diner,a bottle filled w/ blue liquid

Her eyes flickered around the dimly lit room. The checkered pattern of the tiles was starting to give her a headache. The music from the jukebox was soft but did not calm her nerves at all. She rubbed her arms for the third time since she arrived. Her eyes remained narrowed as she once again stared at the empty seat in front her. The itchy feeling of regret began to irritate her once more.

When she agreed to be the assistant to a CEO she assumed her work would involve filing papers and making copies. At first her boss asked her to fetch his lunch or sometimes if his secretary was unavailable to manage his calls until she returned.

A few weeks had passed, everything relatively normal. Her boss almost never spoke to her and rarely did his eyes even glance in her direction. After her shift was over one afternoon her boss informed her that she needed to look more professional if she was going to accompany him to meetings. So that day she wore the pair of heels her sister had lent her last year.

She stumbled into her boss' office, heel getting caught in the carpet. He did not move to help her as he continued reading the papers on his desk. She tripped spilling the contents of his metal container. Blue liquid spilled all over the white carpet. Her hands flew to her mouth, eyes widening. The sound of papers scattering filled her ears followed by the thumping of heavy footsteps. " What have you done" he exclaimed. As she started to apologize he held up his hand in protest. "How stupid are you" She started to speak but then he continued. "No, just don't say anything. You don't have any idea how hard this is to come by" he says gesturing to the spilled mess before him. "I could buy you some more sir if you just tell me where to get it" she suggested in a small voice. His hands covered his face as his inhaled deeply. "No you can't. This stuff is specifically ordered for my special diet. It will take weeks to order more." "I am sorry sir please don't fire me. I'll do anything to make it up to you." When she didn't get an immediate response she looked up at him to see his hands clutched behind his back. His teeth worried his lip as he remained silent. When he finally spoke he said " meet me at the diner across the street tonight at 8." He walked out of the room and over to the desk of his secretary.

She got up and smoothed out her shirt. Her fingers pushed back her hair as she exhaled softly. Pulling herself together she left the room to go find someone from the cleaning staff.

After what seemed like hours her boss finally sat down in the previously empty seat setting a small black briefcase on the ground. He pushed the menu to the side and began to speak in a low voice " I'm going to tell you something and it is confidential. You will have to sign a contract before i continue." She raised her eyebrows at him as he pulled out a stack of papers. Her eyes examined the words carefully before picking up the pen on the table and signing the dotted line. He put the pages back in his briefcase. "I have been alive for three centuries. For the first century i needed blood to live. Then i discovered a company that produces a chemical that satisfies my thirst. You spilled that chemical." Her breath hitched, mouth hanging open. " Are you saying that you're a vampire sir" she whispered. His face remained expressionless as he nodded. " So, what you're saying is I have to give you my blood" she asked body trembling. A look of disgust came over his face as he spoke "No, certainly not. What I want is for you to find able bodied volunteers for me to drink from." "Oh, i could ask some girls at the club near by " "I don't enjoy the taste of women." "Then who?" "Men." She bit her lip stifling a giggle. His eyebrows raised lips tilted in a crooked grin. "Is that funny?" She let out a laugh unable to control herself. His mouth opened into a full smile as he chuckled at her.

"Sir, your next appointment is here to see you." "Send him in." "This one is cute sir." "Get back to work." "Yes sir."

She was gonna be sad when his next shipment of chemicals came. She'd definitely miss the view.


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