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the main character is an assassin in town for a job. constructive comments always accepted
Could I ever fully explain to you how I do what I do? Not really. You see my “job” as it were, is one of secrecy, urgency, and quickness. You see, I am a problem solver. I am the best that there is, hands down. If you want me to take care of something for you, it'll cost you. However, you can rest assured that it will be done. Nothing will ever lead back to the customer. In all my years doing this, none of my clients, at least the ones who played by my rules and did what they were supposed to do, ever got caught or implicated in anything I had ever done, but if they didn't, that is a different story. Case in point was one of my past jobs, I had finished the job for some central American customers, who decided that they didn't think the job was done well. They decided, unwisely, that they wouldn't pay. What followed was a direct result of that action. the customer was taught a lesson, he will never forget, or maybe I should say his family will never forget.

The lock quietly engaged as the door shut. The elevator was empty when the doors slid shut carrying me and my two pieces of luggage down to the front desk. After a quick check out, I disappeared out the door into a waiting cab and sped off towards the airport. As the hotel disappeared from sight, I retrieved my alternate identification from the compartment in my bag, and replaced the one I already had in the pocket.

"Nice evening," the driver said, taking a quick glance in his rearview mirror, then turning his gaze back to the road.

"Yes its very nice here." I said returning his glance," I heard the weather this time of year is kind of nice."

"It can be," the driver said as he lightly reached up and tapped his ear, then winked at me.

I nodded and retrieved a thin metal box, from the side pocket of my smaller bag and placed it beside me on the seat. With a small click the red light on the end began to glow, followed by a green light right beside it that blinked on and off several times before the red light shut off.

"ok we are good," I said.

"Great!," the driver said," your flight is on time and I'll take care of your bags. Don't want too many people poking around them."

"nope," I chuckled," might be a bit hard to explain."

"just a bit."

" I received a message from the office," The driver said," You need to see them as soon as your back."

I gave a heavy sigh," Man, don't they ever stop?"

"Nope!, " the driver replied," In all my years of service they haven't."

The airport isn't but a ten minuets away from where I stayed, so it didn't take us long to drive there. So I quickly shut down the device and placed both bags on the seat as we pulled in to the airport, which wasn't much but still one with the best service. Once the cab came to an a stop, I gave the driver some money, smiled and opened the door once my feet hit the pavement, the cab sped off before someone else decided to jump in, which would have resulted in some very awkward discussions ending, usually in someone departing this plane of existence.

Now, anybody who knows me, knows that I like checking in a bit early and I usually use the less traveled red-eye flights making my movements harder to track. No one was even at the ticket counter when I arrived to check in.

"May I help you sir?" an attractive woman in a stunning blue uniform said from behind the counter.

"I need to check in," he said as their eyes met, she smiled and I returned it.

"Dam," I thought," That woman is hot."

I gave the woman my flight details, she was obviously attracted to me. She acted like a schoolgirl with a crush, she became kind of clumsy.

"Thank you sir," the lady behind the counter said after I handed my ticket to her.

Her attention was turned back to the ticket then to her computer screen, for a few moments, before she looked back up at me and asked," May I see your Identification."

Without hesitation I produced the identification, she took it and glanced at it, then handed it back to me.

"Thank you, Sir." she said smiling.

Then after a few more minuets of typing on her console, she said I was all set and explained where the gate was that I needed to be at, I thanked her and walked in the direction. I stole a quick glance at that beauty behind the counter, only to find that she was checking me out as well. I smirked, knowing that what I had just done was typically a crime in any country but I knew it was for a good cause. I got there about an hour early to scope out the crew as they arrived, as well as the other passengers on this flight as was my custom. I always want to know who I'm stuck in a confined space with. In this case it was easy as of now there wasn't anybody but me there, So I wandered over to the coffee cart, for a cup of what people in this country call coffee.

A quick and simple taste, reminded me that it had only been coffee in name, because

The boarding was a quick and uneventful process only lasting about ten minuets, then we were off. Five minuets later we were in the air, the lights had been dimmed to make people who were trying to either wake up, as I was, or those still trying to get a bit more sleep, more comfortable.

I settled in had a couple of cups of coffee and relaxed for the lengthy flight.

Once my plane landed there was a short delay while we pulled in to the gate then, once cleared, came to a sharp abrupt stop at the gate, the unloading started after a brief announcement from the captain, the doors were opened and people decided to rush off the plane, while I waited. Once I deplaned I came through customs with everything in order in record time. I had only one bag, which would be waiting for me in my car, so I had no bags with me, just a set of car keys and nothing to declare.

It was winter here, and snow had given the whole state a blanket of pure white about two feet thick, which made it harder for me when I found my snow pile. Once my snow pile was located, I had to dig it out by hand.

Once it was dug out. I quickly looked the car over for any signs of tampering, opened the trunk and found my 'baggage' conveniently placed into the trunk for me as usual.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the bag, as this bag falling into the wrong hands could mean my demise, as my employer would not want the spotlight on them. I casually got in the car and after fighting with it to start ,which is as much a pain in the but as it would be to grab a handful of gelatin, it finally cranked and after trying three times came back to life. I made my way home slowly and carefully.

Quietly my car pulled into the snow covered driveway. I quickly entered my home with my bags, dropped my travel bag down and basically collapsed onto the couch and went to sleep. When I opened my eyes it was dawn. Once I was awake, it took me a moment to realize I slept trough the night without disruption, which is unusual for me. Usually, my nights are filled with nightmares you couldn't even imagine, due to my job.

I grabbed some breakfast, not surprising considering I last ate about twenty eight hours ago before. While breakfast was cooking,I turned on the television news, just to see what is going on.

"The hunt continues for the assassin who killed Marcus Johns, " the voice of the newscaster said," The man that the authorities think was head of the main drug cartel, in this area."

"Good luck with that ," I said as I placed my breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast on the table, got a cup of coffee, sat down and begin to eat. After a few bites, I looked up and saw my bag sitting on the couch.

"What were you thinking, you idiot," I thought realizing that the bag was not unpacked properly.

Leaving the breakfast on the table, Picking up my travel bag and proceed to go into the walk-in bedroom closet. Closing the closet door, removing the concealment plate and opening the safe. I removed certain things and put them in the storage, while I removed other things,namely my public wallet, work identification.

I know this is safe. No one but me knows where this place is, even if they happened upon it they wouldn't know it, the lock is such as only I can open it. I know I should have done that prior to going to sleep but I guess I was more tired than I thought. Usually I put the stuff away first, just in case my home gets raided by the law or someone else comes in before I have time to react to it. Once the lock was engaged and re-hidden, I went back to finish my meal, even being cold, was better than not eating.

Once I was finished eating, and placing the eating stuff in the dishwasher, I knew I needed a shower, so I headed to take one before I had to go. I paused in the middle of the living room, as I caught sight of a police car slowly driving past the house. I stayed there long enough to watch the car slow pull past my house and down around the corner out of sight. I know who they are, and they know who I am. they are my watchdogs, they try to keep my on my leash and watch out for my safety, as I am my employers biggest money maker.

The hot water of the shower felt good as it cascaded down my body. My thoughts drifted back to the hotel clerk, who spent the last night with me.She was incredible. Her blond hair, blue eyes and model like body was burned deep into my memory. The way she moved enticed me like no one ever has before, it was almost professional. Sadly, I knew, as she did as well, wouldn't be there when she woke up which didn't really bother me as it avoided the next mornings uncomfortable discussions which usually involves each others past. In this line of work, the less people know your history and the better.

After the shower, I quickly shaved and got dressed to make an appearance at the 'office', as was customary for people in my line of work. It had only been a short time since I was out of the city but already was missing the traffic, and felt right at home when the traffic came to a complete stop.

After about an hour I arrived at the 'office', which was a modest office building in downtown. Parking the cart on the special floor for us, I walked to the office and pushed the elevator call button, holding my finger there a little longer than normal, for the finger scan to complete its operation. Within moments a small dinging sound was heard and the doors opened. I stepped in and the doors closed, silently I was whisked away to a place under the building.

Security was always tough to pass, but it had to be done. After all, it is the nature of the business.

"They are waiting for you in the conference room," A young brown haired woman said as I entered the office, only causing a momentary intrusion from her work.

"Thank you," I replied with a grin, to which she hadn't even noticed, as her head sank back into her work without so much as an acknowledgment.

As I walked down the hall way, my instincts kicked in, as a guard appeared behind me at the entrance of the hallway and one at the door at the other end of the hallway, it was unusual and in this business unusual is bad, very bad.

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